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Communication. Collaboration. Orchestration: How Effective Sales Enablement Is Fueling Revenue Engines, Even In 2020

October 27
2:00 pm – 2:30 pm ET
Roderick Jefferson
Roderick Jefferson
Roderick Jefferson & Associates

What if you could accelerate your demand gen results by designing, building and deploying clear, concise and consistent communications tied to innovative sales tools? What if this led to increased customer engagements and measurable meeting opportunities?

Hitting revenue goals can be challenging in the best of times, but navigating the sales landscape in 2020 has been nothing short of overwhelming. Many of the things that were once considered normal no longer apply. There is no back to normal. It’s about defining the “next normal” for your people and process. This is an opportunity to re-evaluate and re-invent, as well as establish new ways to communicate, collaborate and orchestrate in ways never thought imaginable with your teams, prospects and clients.

Join acknowledged sales enablement thought leader and speaker Roderick Jefferson — who has formerly held executive roles at companies like Marketo, Oracle and Salesforce — to learn how to:

  • Design, build and execute an effective communication strategy: Get best practices around re-engaging buyers during stalled deals using effective content to renew and advance conversations;
  • Address the shift in buying decision criteria: Stay top of mind without being annoying and effectively track productivity; and
  • Orchestrate through turbulent times: Get tips on how to nurture now for post-COVID success and partner with sales enablement to define the “next normal.”