B2B Sales & Marketing Exchange

Disrupting The B2B Journey: How Aligned Revenue Teams Are Rethinking Key Buyer Interactions

October 27
4:30 pm – 5:00 pm ET
Jeff Davis
Jeff Davis
JD2 Consulting

Achieving sustainable revenue growth in B2B has become harder. Digital disruption has fundamentally changed the buyer-seller relationship. Modern buyers are digitally driven, socially connected and empowered with nearly unlimited access to information.

To remain competitive and relevant during these transformative times, organizations must provide a frictionless buying experience that helps buyers clarify their business challenges, explore what solutions are best for their unique situation and facilitate them reaching internal consensus. The only way to meet the increased demands of the modern buyer is to build a revenue engine that strategically aligns the efforts of sales and marketing.

Join this inspiring session to learn:

  • How the B2B buyer-seller relationship has changed and why companies must have a sense of urgency about alignment transformation;
  • The impact of misalignment on financial and cultural elements on the organization; and
  • How to optimize each interaction with the buyer by mapping out the buyer’s journey together.