B2B Sales & Marketing Exchange

How To Sell More To More People Through Culture

October 27
2:00 pm – 2:30 pm ET
Ricardo Gonzalez
Bilingual America

Our world is incredibly diverse and rich with culture. Only marketing and sales professionals who understand how to sell through cultural relevance will reach their fullest potential in today’s culturally complex marketplace.

During this session, Ricardo Gonzalez, Author, and Founder and CEO of Bilingual America, will break down how cultural relevance speaks to people’s tendency to buy from the heart, not from the head. You’ll learn:

  • Why and how people respond to culturally relevant messaging and sales presentations;
  • How to create pitches in culturally relevant ways that will touch people at a deep emotional level; and
  • How to avoid marketing and sales approaches that will hit the ground with a giant irrelevant thud.