B2B Sales & Marketing Exchange

#NailedIt: Campaign Deconstruction 101 — How To Deconstruct Your Campaign To Build Revenue

October 29
12:00 pm – 2:30 pm ET

Marketers are burdened with an onslaught of campaign requests… that are destined to fail. Why? Because so many campaigns are highly reactive — not proactively planned, deployed or even targeting the right people at the right time! We often see teams deploy campaigns and keep moving, never looking back to evaluate what is or is not working to engage customers and prospects. It’s an age-old problem, but a relatively easy fix, which results in higher engagement performance data to inform better design and budgetary investment decisions.

What if you could turn around a live campaign, right now, from a total (or potential) failure to a success that meets the goal of the campaign?

Join us and bring your struggling campaign for triage. This cource will walk through the steps you need to take to critically review a campaign against best practices and turn it from a #CampaignFail to a #CampaignWin:

1. Evaluate the elements of your campaign
2. Analyze the data you have NOW
3. Course-correct the campaign based on data and best practices
4. Learn how to find early indicators for a successful campaign
5. Embed these analytics practices across all of your campaign requestors

All attendees will receive a how-to guide to be able to conduct their own campaign deconstruction for future success. Attendees should also come prepared with a campaign in flight or recently completed campaign with data so you can deconstruct the campaign during the course.

Additional Details
This course is intended to serve:

  • Marketing Managers
  • Marketing Directors
  • Campaign Strategists
  • Anyone responsible for customer experience

*Suggested prior experience with marketing automation and campaign strategy.