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During a time of economic uncertainty, it’s the quick thinkers, innovators and leaders who keep the engine running within their organization, inspiring the whole team to stay motivated, get creative and work in lockstep to deliver positive business outcomes.

The 8th annual B2B Innovator Awards will celebrate the positive forces that are not afraid to get their hands dirty, motivate their teams to think big and push the envelope to successfully engage buyers and prospects, drive brand awareness and close deals.

The B2B Innovator Awards will feature executives who think outside the box to develop and foster innovative concepts and strategies that keep the B2B wheels turning. We will spotlight our winners in an exclusive special report and honor them at the 2023 B2B Sales & Marketing Exchange in Boston in August.

We invite you to nominate a B2B innovator for our annual B2B Innovator Awards. Winners will encompass some or all the following criteria:

Advancement of an emerging B2B area (such as account-based strategy, AI, content marketing, etc.) — must show how the executive helped to break new ground and/or drive specific results within their company.

Current or expected business results or positive outcomes following a successful implementation of the innovative strategy or concept — especially related to performance marketing and driving revenue.

A specific, innovative B2B strategy, campaign or idea conceptualized and/or launched.

We’ll also ask for any additional insights or comments related to the nominee’s qualifications for receiving a B2B Innovator Award.

Award Categories

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Generation Z Trailblazers 

30 and under B2B marketers who are bringing new ideas and new energy to their companies and their roles.

Marketing Mentors

Teachers and team builders in B2B bonds across teams and departments to promote maximum success.

B2B Technologists

Practitioners who have successfully helped roll out new tools to support business initiatives.

Vertical Virtuosos

B2B marketing leaders outside of the SaaS space who are incorporating innovative go-to-market strategies in their unique industries.
(Disclaimer: Nominees working in the software/tech space will not be considered for this category.)

SMB Maestros

B2B experts heading small (or even one-person) SMB marketing teams and driving impressive results for their growing businesses.

Data Scientists & Operations Optimizers

Marketing executives who have excelled at leveraging data at their disposal to enhance marketing campaigns and deliver insightful reporting and intelligence to sales and other lines of business.

Content, Creative & Execution

Storytellers who have found new ways to engage B2B audiences with different formats and approaches across channels and screens.

C-Suite Strategy

CMOs that truly understand and apply performance marketing and revenue marketing.

Account Targeting & Strategy

Innovative practitioners who are helping to support account strategies to target, engage and close deals with key accounts.

Buyer-Focused Marketers

Creative and innovative approaches to building, launching and refining hyper-personalized campaigns.

Sales Drivers

Marketers that have seen notable success enabling their sales counterparts to engage, educate and close deals with prospects in the latter stage of the buyer journey.

B2B Vanguards

Women who have not only had successful careers in B2B and driven results for their organizations, but have also helped to break new ground for women to advance their careers and roles.

Diversity & Inclusion Champions

Practitioners who are spearheading initiatives to build a diverse, equitable and inclusive workforce and company culture, including results-oriented strategies, methods of accountability and the promotion of company-wide D&I education and communication.

Kristen Wendel B2B Innovator Of The Year

The most innovative B2B marketing pro in the industry, as chosen by the masses.


What we're looking for:

Nomination Deadline

July 14, 2023 at 11:59 PM ET

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