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We’ve narrowed down 100 nominations to bring you 26 B2B innovators who have been leading the charge in creative revenue generation. Now it’s up to you to choose who will be crowned as an Innovator of the Year at the B2B Sales & Marketing Exchange event on August 8-10 at the Encore Boston Harbor.

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Below you’ll find a short snippet detailing the coveted success and innovation these marketing and sales professionals have accomplished. Check them out below and cast your vote before the July 27th 5:00 PM ET deadline! Demand Gen Report will then spotlight the most voted finalist as this year’s Innovator of the Year at our Best In B2B awards ceremony at the event.

The 2022 B2B Innovators

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Eddie Barry
Bottomline Technologies

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Eddie Barry, Bottomline Technologies

“Fearless” Eddie spearheaded the transformation of Bottomline’s marketing organization through the implementation of Microsoft Power BI on the Snowflake platform. This created more revenue-driven marketers who use performance data visualization. To kick off this initiative, Eddie taught himself to write code in Python, led the process and automated the creation of custom fields in Python, reducing the reporting time from four weeks to one. All the while, Eddie has made it his goal to make at least one person laugh per day and sustain a workplace of entertainment and fun.

Megan Gray

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Megan Gray, Salesforce

Megan is an exceptional marketer. Leveraging deep research and audience acquisition strategies, not only does she create beautiful pieces but she also develops strong pieces aligned to targeting objectives. Her work on the “Dreamforce: Bringing the Magic Home” campaign reached more than 4,000 event attendees with positive mentions and excitement on social. This initiative doubled Salesforce’s marketing contribution goals with over $100M in influenced pipe.

Gianni Guerriero
Molecular Devices/Danaher

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Gianni Guerriero, Molecular Devices/Danaher

Gianni led the charge at MolDev, an enterprise life sciences manufacturer, on deploying a ground-up ABM strategy focused on developing targeted ICPs, detailed role-based messaging and a complex multichannel mix to target, engage and activate a segmented audience of 600 accounts against aggressive awareness, pipeline and revenue targets. Within 8 months, the program successfully engaged 90% of the TAL, achieving 189% of pipeline goals and 60% closed-won targets.

Holly Meredith

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Holly Meredith, DailyPay

Holly is an energetic, strategic leader with experience in go-to-market strategy, omnichannel marketing, marketing technology, content strategy, sales enablement and more. At DailyPay, she established an omnichannel marketing infrastructure, hiring and managing a team of Digital, Vertical, ABM and Events Marketing, which led to increased omnichannel lead gen by 24% YoY.

Peter Weingard

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Peter Weingard, Wipro

Peter sees an opportunity to differentiate Wipro from competitors by owning a whitespace that is much more anthemic, inspiring and powered by aspirational human ideals rather than utilitarian transactions. The team’s innovative strategy is to draw inspiration from best-in-class B2C technology companies to stand out in a traditional B2B enterprise technology marketplace by telling an emotional story that’s both human-centric and inspiring. The campaign has received kudos from the analyst community, partners and from internal teams around the world.

Cynthia Gumbert

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Cynthia Gumbert, SmartBear

Cynthia has been CMO of SmartBear since May 2019, growing the marketing organization to help enable the company to continue growing quickly and profitably. She is an industry-recognized marketing and business leader known for both transformation and leading marketing at some of the most innovative technology companies. Cynthia’s marketing strategy includes a significant and highly planned “not even near the funnel” investment that has tremendous impact on the company’s growth.

Laurie Mitchell
Wasabi Technologies

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Annika Helmrich, Senior Director, Field Marketing, E2open

At Wasabi, Laurie Mitchell not only founded, but is driving the development of the Wasabi Partner Network, by marketing to, with and through partners including MSPs, VARs, Distributors and Technology Alliances who integrate or bundle Wasabi with their solutions. She has also expanded the partner team globally to support Wasabi’s international growth, enabling the company to reach new markets that did not seem achievable at the time. Laurie empowers everyone she works with to take ownership of their jobs, ideas and to be proud of what they produce at Wasabi.

Lou Cohen

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Lou Cohen, EY

Lou has established a US/Americas COE that executes against Brand, Media, Signature Programs, Webcasts, EY.com, MarTech, Analytics, & more since joining in 2019. In addition to being a great manager & leader at EY, Lou is also an educator. For over a dozen years, he has been teaching Digital Marketing, Search Engine Marketing & Social Media Strategies in the graduate (MBA/MS) program at CUNY Baruch College, and similar courses in the Business School undergraduate program at NYU for nearly a decade.

JoAnn Tillman
Cisco Systems

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JoAnn Tillman, Cisco Systems

JoAnn has nearly 20 years of experience in the B2B marketing space as an innovator turning complex challenges into simplified, relevant and unique solutions. At Cisco she serves as an advisor on key initiatives of the partner organization, including the persona-based Partner News Hubs and the Cisco Partner Launch Experience. JoAnn’s vision for using the PathFactory platforms to create more intelligent, centralized and compelling experiences for Cisco partners has become a best practice across the company.

Matt Mullin

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Matt Mullin, Tenable

Matt is a Marketing Operations professional who has truly created a holistic, buyer-focused journey. He’s an expert at implementing buyer-driven, omnichannel, precision demand marketing strategies by ensuring that Tenable’s martech stack fits together, all the data sources connect and have a close loop reporting system that informs measurement across channels. By taking a Precision Demand Marketing approach, Matt’s team at Tenable has saved $400k in protected media savings.

Shameer Aerkulangara

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Shameer Aerkulangara, MediaCom

Shameer created a global “Brand to Demand” B2B media/marketing practice at MediaCom, reflecting shifts toward customer centricity, revenue accountability and technology enabled data-led decisions. His efforts won several new accounts/remits for the “Brand to Demand” offering, including Google and VMware, totaling new business value of $60+M.

Stephen Morra
Valasys Media

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Stephen Morra, Valasy Media

Stephen is a growth hacker and data-diligent marketer who has orchestrated a team of data scientists and research analysts that is second to none. They have built a system that incorporates a variety of key touch points for collecting, storing and analyzing the data produced by a company’s activities. Together, they created an AI-Driven Technology model that accurately detects when an organization is in the market to make a purchase of a company’s offerings. He has proudly reported a 92% + success rate in connecting with, validating and delivering net new leads for clients.

Trent Allen

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Trent Allen, Maxio

Starting his career as a BDR with a move into RevOps, Trent has a unique understanding of sales processes and workflows. Through special projects around lead routing, automations and tool/software connectivity, he has been able to help his RevOps team reach incredible milestones in a short amount of time. From the announcement of the merger in April 2021 to today, the team has combined into one salesforce, streamlined all teams into similar processes, automated lead routing across brands, improved data quality and reduced lead to rep engagement time.

Jean Borich

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Jean Borich, Jellyvision

Jean’s ability to action data paired with her ORM marketing analytics platform provided her with the framework she needed to leverage data insights and enhance marketing campaign performance. As part of her framework, Jean successfully built a new lead scoring methodology, redefined her lead lifecycle and increased marketing’s impact on sales pipeline. The result was a 2000% YoY increase in MQLs and 3x the average opportunity value when marketing influenced it. Thanks to Jean’s innovative approach, Jellyvision’s marketing campaigns influence 56% of all closed won dollars.

Heather Wilcox
Dell Technologies

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Heather Wilcox, Dell Technologies

Heather has been a channel marketing leader for Dell over the past 11 years and her team’s work on the Dell Work Reimagined website has set a new expectation for channel engagement. She spearheaded the development of an interactive 3D website containing five virtual environments to explore. Each virtual environment features products and room design to align with a designated persona and/or attach products. Since launch, the site saw 2,900 registered users, 7,816 site sessions, 391 asset clicks, an average of 3 pages per session and 3:00 average time on page.

Adam Riff

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Adam Riff, ModMed

From ideation to execution, Adam credits the ModMed marketing team for building an incredible campaign that won a Gold Stevie Award for Campaign of the Year called “It’s About Time”. The ‘It’s About Time’ campaign, is an empathetic, innovative take using the real-life pain points shared by physicians, and how it’s about time they had some help. The inspiration for the campaign started from a short conversation with ModMed’s CEO Dan Cane about using ‘It’s About Time’ as a tagline for the brand. Adam felt that the meaning behind that tagline could be the nexus for an entire campaign and the award-winning campaign was born. The marketing team gathered data, scaled the campaign and leaned into all media channels, including print, direct mail, digital, social, email and more. The centerpiece of the campaign is a video with over 1M total views with kids playing as doctors relating to the pain they deal with day-to-day. The campaign ROI has been substantive and significantly bolstered customer engagement across all channels.

Nicole Kimmick

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Nicole Kimmick, Alation

Nicole has a unique passion for tackling the most complex challenges in B2B marketing and ABM. For the company’s first ABM program in 2021, Nicole built a custom ABM intent and data dashboard, bringing all their siloed intent data together with a custom scoring model that helped them identify who’s in-market and what they’re engaging with. With better data, better targeting and personalized messaging, Nicole helped Alation build brand awareness and drive pipeline growth. The ABM program realized a 73% uplift in opportunities compared to the previous year.

Hannah Shain
SmartBug Media

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Hannah Shain, SmartBug Media

Hannah and the SmartBug team wanted a fresh start to target accounts inside the HubSpot platform using ZoomInfo. In 2022, the SmartBug Marketing Team made the pivot to dynamically identify target accounts based on intent & surge data. Intent data was used to measure and find companies that were actively in a buying mode for SmartBug’s top 6 business topics. This new intent-based initiative to target accounts — spearheaded by Hannah — provided a clear number of new target accounts growing the target account list by 10.89x since implemented.

Leslie Alore

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Leslie Alore, Ivanti

At Ivanti, Leslie has led a buyer-focused, precision demand marketing approach to provide a personalized experience for their buyers. Leslie’s team works in lock-step with their BDR and sales team to ensure their buyers’ experiences feel personalized throughout the entire process. They have completely aligned their go-to-market across sales and marketing based on the idea that their customers should experience us as One Ivanti. She is focused on building marketing experiences for the people who engage through the buying process within those accounts.

Andrea Moreno

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Andrea Moreno, Hiya

Andrea has done an excellent job at going beyond the expected and created delightful, interactive and personal marketing campaigns targeted at key strategic account contacts. These have included high quality and personalized device demos, videos and emails tactfully engaging the audience over a set of deliberate touch points. Her campaigns have helped build unique, personal relationships with top strategic accounts contacts, highlighted Hiya’s differentiators to a broader audience within the strategic accounts, and helped accelerate and close high-value deals.

Heather Rath

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Heather Rath, ServiceNow

Heather has pioneered a data-driven ABM approach that combines deep intelligence into the accounts operating out of ServiceNow’s West Coast buying center with robust orchestration, personalization, and collaboration capabilities. Her innovations have allowed the field marketing organization to speed time to market, pipeline and revenue – and build new levels of trust and partnership with the sales team. Under Heather’s leadership, ServiceNow’s field marketing team has also doubled down on true collaboration with sales, not simply alignment, to drive ABM success and drive $5.9 billion in global annual revenue.

Christian Lowery

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Christian Lowery, VMware

Christian is a Sales Driver at heart. He has led the AMER Social Selling program for 2 years with great success. He leads trainings with Sales Directors, VPs, including groups of 30-40+ salespeople at a time. He adds value for these teams and showcases the benefit of their marketing engine. His energy, passion, and enthusiasm cause many salespeople to request LinkedIn Sales Navigator licenses after each training, and he is currently working to scale the program globally.

Deb Wolf

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Deb Wolf, Integrate

Deb is the CMO at Integrate, where she is responsible for overall marketing strategy and execution. She has been instrumental in spearheading a psychologically safe marketing team culture at Integrate. She invests in her teams, listens deeply, cares personally, connects on a human level and models this behavior for her marketing leadership team to emulate. She’s also cultivated great relationships with Integrate’s customers – many of whom are female, and whom she is paired with for speaking opportunities.

Jennifer Fields

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Jennifer Fields, Nexthink

Jennifer has spearheaded the integrated campaign launch of Nexthink’s first published book, “Digital Employee Experience for Dummies”, with tremendous business impact. This integrated launch involved promoting the book across internal channels, events, webinars, direct mail, email, paid media, digital advertising, social media and more. The book launched in March 2022 and continues to be the highest piece of content impacting Nexthink’s new business pipeline. The book launch saw an immediate impact to the business – within one week of launch, it had already 172 digital downloads, added 46 new names to the database, and garnered 9 MQLs with enterprise-sized companies.

Tabitha Adams

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Tabitha Adams, Slalom

To unify how Slalom builds and activates their marketing strategy and unite the community, Tabitha created Tri-Wizard Training (inspired by Harry Potter) to support and enable a community of more than 200 marketers across the US, Canada and Europe. As a result of Tri-Wizard Training, Tabitha has helped mentor marketers whose backgrounds did not include key areas like digital marketing, email marketing and ABM. Tabitha also worked with both marketers and other functions in Slalom to support a group dedicated to improving reproductive benefits and to bringing more inclusive messaging to how Slalom responded to changes like the recent Roe v. Wade ruling.

Kate Federhar

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Kate Federhar, Lumen

Kate runs the Digital Operations and Technology team at Lumen. When she started, she was a team of one surrounded by a lot of data driven men. The team she built over the past 5 years has brought in women from different ethnic, religious and sexual orientation backgrounds. She has embraced educational diversity, bringing on people without a marketing degree and allowing people to show new ways of thinking and new operational approaches.

Robert J. Gorincen
Dominion DMS

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Robert J. Gorincen, Marketing Director, Dominion DMS

Within 3 months of being hired, Robert grew the marketing team by 300%, all of whom work remotely across the US. Despite the “great resignation” that saw high numbers of people changing jobs, his team continues to see a 100% retention rate. In addition, all key marketing initiatives and goals were achieved with 22,971 social impressions, 3,538 social followers, 16,814 website visits, 185,274 emails delivered and 15.76% open rate. These results are an indication of a highly engaged and high performing team.  

Santosh Singh
Tata Technologies

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Santosh Singh, SVP & Global Head - Marketing, Business Excellence & Innovation, TATA Technologies

Santosh developed an aggressive Marketing Strategy in April 2020 and decided to go back to our customers with specific solutions to deal with lockdown consequences and undertake R&D projects that would help TATA empower its customers for success in the new normal. Thus, a new ABM strategy was developed with four specific levers.  

Sarah McConnell

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Sarah McConnell, Vice President of Demand Generation for Qualified

Prior to the launch and implementation of Sarah’s ABM program, 55% of pipeline came from accounts that are now on Qualified’s ABM target account list. Almost eight months later, 80% of inbound pipeline comes from target accounts, an optimal situation for any marketing team because that means prospects are qualified, translating to better deals.  

Tabitha Adams

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Tabitha Adams, Sr. Manager, Revenue Marketing, Integrate

Being a lead contributor for Integrate’s category launch around Precision Demand Marketing, Tabitha took the initiative to ensure all our efforts were centered around what the buyer would need to understand instead of centering on Integrate’s platform. She frequently “pauses for reflection” within her marketing work — ensuring efforts reflect the latest working trends in marketing and incorporates more of the customer or ICP voice instead of relying on traditional marketing frameworks that only tout the voice of the product/platform. 

Hilary Headlee

Hilary Headlee
Zoom Video Communications

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Hilary Headlee, Zoom Video Communications

Hilary Headlee is the Head of Sales Ops and Enablement at Zoom Video Communications. She adopted LeanData’s solution for lead-to-account matching and routing that was foundational to the team’s success in meeting unprecedented demand for its services, and allowed them to scale their lead-management systems and processes with the speed and agility needed to respond quickly to the businesses, schools and individuals when they needed them most. As Zoom continues to experience unprecedented growth, the confidence, scalability and agility that automating lead management provides the organization will remain integral to success.

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