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The 2019 B2B Innovators

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Aleksandra Panyukhina

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Aleksandra Panyukhina, SEMrush

Aleksandra Panyukhina took on the herculean task of establishing a more global presence at the largest industry events and hosted SEMrush’s first-ever user conference. In an effort to best engage diverse audiences, Aleksandra executed a local global event strategy to create highly tailored experiences that are critical to building credibility, engagement, and loyalty, all while maintaining a unified brand look and feel. Aleksandra has proved time and again the efficacy of live events as a profitable B2B marketing channel. The ROI for 2018 was 50%, which doesn’t account for the boosted brand awareness and advocacy resulting from the event marketing strategy. The first ever SEMrush User Conference in 2019 earned an incredible Net Promoter Score of 74 out of 100.

Amy Barone

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Amy Barone, Splash

Amy Barone is pioneering a new vision for the chief strategy officer role at Splash. She leads both the product and marketing teams — teams that would generally roll up to two different C-suite leaders. But Amy had a different vision for how technology companies can approach building and marketing great products. By connecting both teams closely and working collaboratively, Amy helped Splash build world-class products and marketing programs based on a deep understanding of the customer. Amy’s leadership strategy at Splash can be attributed to her experience navigating through typically male-dominated industries. She has utilized her insights to not only create a space for her female colleagues, but also female customers that are trying to navigate their respective industries.

Anne Wang

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Anne Wang, FireEye

Anne Wang implemented PathFactory at FireEye to solve a critical gap in her data set: content consumption data. Without this information, Anne’s team was very limited by how they could optimize campaigns and content performance. With PathFactory, the FireEye team was able to release their annual M-Trends Report, making it easier for prospects to access the info they need without friction. As a result of the successful implementation of Anne’s strategy, she and her team were able to accomplish a 2X increase in leads, 200% increase in engagement from known website visitors and 35% binge rate (consuming more than one asset per session). Anne is a remarkable marketing operations leader because of her rare ability to balance putting customers first with her desire to collect data. She strives for a world where buyers have a frictionless experience, but she also wants to capture as much data as possible because she can use it to improve the experience even more.

Barry Smith

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Barry Smith, Equinix

Equinix was looking to aggressively grow its business by focusing on 15,000 accounts that would benefit from its global interconnect platform. With IT spend and tech ecosystem intelligence from HG Insights, Barry Smith and his team developed detailed account strategy plans that is now used to access accounts sooner and establish larger deal sizes right from the start. Thanks to their approach to account selection and prioritization, Equinix can now penetrate high value accounts sooner and land larger deal sizes.

Ben Ard

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Ben Ard, Weave

Ben Ard has spent the entirety of his career in B2B marketing. Since he joined Weave three and a half years ago, he has helped them grow their marketing-generated revenue by over 1,000%. Ben continues to push the envelope and discover new and innovative ways of systematically scaling Weave's marketing efforts.

Beth Elkin
JDA Software

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Beth Elkin, JDA Software

When JDA CEO Girish Rishi emphasized diversity and inclusion in 2018, above and beyond the programs JDA already has, including the “Winning Leadership” program which is dedicated to developing high-potential women, Beth Elkin, Group Vice President of Marketing, saw an opportunity to expand this a step further, creating the “Wednesdays for Women” blog series. This shines a light on the role of women in the world of technology and supply chain. The series has also won several awards for its content and for the initiative it stands for: diversity and inclusion. Since Wednesdays for Women began, there have been 94 posts that have racked up 25,000 page views and 201 comments. Visitors spend an average of three minutes on the page.

Bharath Ram Srinivasan

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Bharath Ram Srinivasan, HPE

Bharath Ram Srinivasan helped build Prospecting Hub, an account-based prospecting platform for worldwide sales at HPE. The tool aims to integrate real-time first party and third-party digital insights with prioritization on a rep’s target set of accounts. Sales hunters love the new platform, as it now allows them to penetrate them into white space accounts where they've had no relationships before. Within three quarters of going live with the platform, over 500 active sales users are logging in every day.

Braiden Ludtka
ExtraHop Networks

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Braiden Ludtka, ExtraHop Networks

For ExtraHop Networks’ ABM campaigns, display advertising was not performing well before Braiden Ludtka took over the management of the program. To engage target accounts, the team needed to better follow the buyer’s journey and deliver content based on where they were at in our funnel. To maximize our display ads, accounts were segmented by product line based on their intent data. Using engagement data, Braiden was able to further segment our accounts into five different groups to determine where that account was in the buying stage. Since the display ad strategy has been reworked, impressions increased 525% from 2017 to 2018 and have further increased another 4% in the first half of 2019. Clicks have increased year-over-year 500% from 2017 to 2018 and in 2019.

Brian Giese
True Influence

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Brian Giese, True Influence

Brian Giese drives True Influence’s vision of combining innovative technology with marketing expertise to help businesses connect with the right B2B purchase decision-makers. To practice what they preach, the company implemented a 15-person Advisory Committee comprised of both customers and prospects. Brian chairs the Advisory Committee and all solutions are discussed and beta tested by this committee. In that way Brian is instilling not only a data-driven marketing vision, but a customer-first vision throughout the organization. True Influence has increased year-over-year revenue in 2018, as well as accomplished 21 consecutive quarters of profitability. The fourth quarter of 2018 showed great growth momentum quarter-over-quarter with a 37% increase in revenue over the third quarter 2018.

Brian Vass

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Brian Vass, Paycor

Brian Vass constantly tries to solve difficult and burdensome challenges facing his GTM team and looks at the business impact of data to find creative ways to solve those issues. Using a data service to append physical addresses to contacts for direct mail while allowing reps to nominate accounts for advance enrichment for ABM support has generated a lift in first-time appointments and pipeline created. The initiative is also directly responsible for hundreds of new opportunities and a dramatic lift in rep productivity.

Brooke Andrus

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Brooke Andrus, WebPT

For the past three years, WebPT has compiled its annual industry report –– the State of Rehab Therapy –– to gain an accurate snapshot of the demographics, trends, frustrations and motivations shaping the rehab therapy industry, as well as the future outlook and potential for success. To help make that goal a reality, Brooke Andrus spearheaded the efforts to develop and facilitate the entire survey and report without the support of an outside research or PR agency. In addition to obtaining a high response count, the team racked up the following post-release stats: 2,659 webinar registrants, 574 webinar attendees, 92 attendees who said “yes” to learning more about WebPT’s products at the end of the webinar and more than 8,314 downloads of the report. This produced 61 leads from the email marketing drip associated with the download. Brooke plays an integral role in the marketing team, drawing from her background in journalism and blogging. She is a constant learner, researching B2B marketing and content strategy while honing her craft. Collaborative, energetic and intelligent, Brooke is an all-around rock star.

Carey Straetz

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Carey Straetz, SurePayroll

At SurePayroll, Carey Straetz has deployed conversion rate optimization strategies across three sites: marketing, E-commerce and product websites, including heat and movement map analysis, Voice of Customer collection and interactive test strategies. Three factors were deployed that led to the successful optimization of the website and landing pages, including reduced headline copy that generated a 10% increase in quotes on small business websites, improved customer journey pathing that resulted in an 86% increase in completions of self-enrollment through the last step of email confirmation and reorganized site-wide navigation that resulted in a 62% increase in self enrollments.

Daniel Englebretson

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Daniel Englebretson, Phononic

As both a practitioner and a strategist working in B2B Marketing, Daniel Englebretson is always hunting for opportunities to advance the field through structured trial and error and is dedicated to contributing to the continued innovation and advancement of good marketing. In a tiered account campaign completed in Q2 2019, the Phononic team achieved a 100% win-rate of tier 1 accounts (10/10), with a net sales value of $25M. In one case, a $4M won opportunity at a tier 2 account had 176 touches over the course of 12 months. Since winning #Flipmyfunnel’s 2018 ABMie for best demand generation campaign, Daniel has been invited to participate in 25 different ABM thought leadership events, videos, podcast, articles, webinars and awards. In each opportunity to participate, Daniel has evangelized the value of ABM and worked with fellow B2B marketers to understand and implement ABM strategies for many businesses.

David Fortino
NetLine Corporation

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David Fortino, NetLine Corporation

David Fortino has continuously provided B2B marketers, agencies and publishers with unique tools and personalized solutions to resolving their problems. Whether it's adopting feedback from his own clients or innovating completely new technologies for marketers to use, David truly believes in the notion that NetLine is democratizing lead gen, making it possible for all marketers to build pipeline with content. With the launch of NetLine’s new “B2B Buyer Index” product, the company anticipates improved engagement with prospects seeking critical thinking/logic surrounding the deployment of content and tracking buyer intent.

Ed Rusch
Command Alkon

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Ed Rusch, Command Alkon

Ed Rusch has led an energetic and goal-oriented reinvention of Command Alkon's marketing team. He completely reinvented the company’s approach and perspectives on marketing in the current era. This strategy involved reorganization of team roles, build-up of new team skills and approaches and corporate and company-wide buy-in and investment in new tool sets, methodologies and culture. Thanks to Ed, qualified leads flow into the sales function on a daily basis and media promotions and relations previously targeted to specific areas have broadened to include all regions of the world. The construction industry, social and digital channels previously untapped are now thriving and team members are enabled to learn, contribute and grow both professionally and personally.

Jes Hagen
ExtraHop Networks

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Jes Hagen, ExtraHop Networks

Jes Hagen created and ran a project to identify ExtraHop Networks’ highest propensity-to-buy accounts globally. This has now become the company’s new ICP, where its account targeting has gone beyond typical demographic and technographic data points. She also strategized this scoring to be worked into the company’s MQL threshold and lead routing to produce better quality opportunities and a stronger pipeline through the Inside Sales organization. This has helped the entire organization better listen, show credibility and align with an account’s buying stage and open pain-points/use cases.

Jessica Cross

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Jessica Cross, RollWorks

Jessica Cross has successfully implemented several new tools to bring personalization at scale to support the RollWorks’ account-based efforts. One of her most notable implementations includes building a multi-channel account-based program using Sendoso, Marketo, and their own product RollWorks, affectionately called “Outbound Assist for All.” This initiative not only helped the organization better engage with potential customers, but it also ensured that the team’s multi-channel marketing efforts were not getting lost in a crowded industry. Her work has allowed the organization to build more scalable and repeatable programs that enable members across teams to now seamlessly take prospects from first impressions to happy customers.

Jim D'Arcangelo

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Jim D'Arcangelo, MomentFeed

Jim D’Arcangelo joined MomentFeed in January after the company failed two quarters in a row at rev growth, having no marketing funnel or automation/content/ABM, demand generation plan or target segment/persona baseline. Jim built personas and related buyer journey stages for each and segmented to optimal low-end enterprise in the restaurant and retail spaces. After working to clean and rebuild the data, data structure and Marketo instance architectures, the staff of four and a $30K monthly ad budget rolled out a unique "top-down-bottom-up,” dual/combined ABM-to-execs and SMB-targeting demand gen approach concurrently to use persona-driven content, LinkedIn/Facebook campaigns, data-driven infographics, etc. to engage C- and VP-Levels at the corp HQs, as well as hundreds of SMB/franchisees/dealers within eight weeks. Successes include: funnel growth of 4.5X from January to June, pipeline value growth by 4X, win rate growth from 34% to 82% and C-Level engagement growth by 5+X.

Julian Lina

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Julian Lina, Fond

Julian Lina innovated on traditional demand generation tactics by completely shifting Fond’s investment strategy towards a very focused account-based approach that now leverages several creative marketing channels. He successfully led the organization through a very common but difficult challenge within B2B software: moving up-market. Lina grew YoY pipeline generation by 47% (YTD) at one-third of historical marketing spend by allocating investments more equitably across all demand generation channels, including digital advertising, SEO, content, direct mail and events.

Kathy Mammon
INTTRA by E2open

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Kathy Mammon, INTTRA by E2open

INTTRA by E2open has successfully positioned itself as the go-to provider for booking and shipping instructions for many of the world’s largest ocean logistics companies. However, driving market share with small shipping businesses known as SME (small medium enterprise) requires a more innovative approach. Kathy Mammon led the INTTRA marketing team’s approach and utilized multiple technologies that spanned five test scenarios over a six-week period to validate if the marketing team could reach SME businesses and drive action with their ABM strategy. The launch of this ABM program resulted in a 42% increase to U.S. product registrations over the course of the six-week campaign, directly from the SME targeted accounts, opening up the door to a $47 million market.

Kellie Vahlsing

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Kellie Vahlsing, OSIsoft

Kellie Vahlsing is an inspiring leader, who continually empowers her team to innovate and improve their marketing strategy. She leads a global team, yet keeps very agile and creates exceptional customer experiences across various countries and languages. Kellie and the OSISoft team had a robust content library, but struggled to guide prospects on their path to purchase and customers towards the relevant content they needed to have a smooth onboarding. To address this, Kellie and the team generated curated content streams for their customer portal, myOSIsoft, to help customers transition to this new self-service model that gave the information they needed to be successful. Kellie and her team’s efforts led to some outstanding results: 110% increase in content consumption, 25% increase in overall MQL conversion, 3.5X increase in conversions in 30 days for unknown users and 16X increase in influenced opportunities in eight months.

Kelly Skelton

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Kelly Skelto

Kelly Skelto is single-handedly running a huge account-based marketing initiative at Cisco, working directly with sales leaders across the organization and activating thousands of sellers on motions like refresh opportunities for existing customers, hands-on workshop invitations and more. Her role includes getting buy-in from sales leaders and providing them with success metrics, overseeing data analysts, running sales training and working with product marketers and field marketers to serve sellers with the latest and greatest. Ultimately, the programs that Kelly is overseeing generated 6-7 figure pipeline for Cisco.

Kelsi Doran

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Kelsi Doran, Cisco

Over the last two years, Kelsi Doran has led the strategy and execution of a major campaign to increase the digital marketing maturity of Cisco's channel partners. Cisco's program, internally called "Market our Marketing," set out to drive awareness and adoption of the integrated suite of digital services Cisco offers to its partners. By leveraging integrated digital marketing platforms like Eloqua and PathFactory, Kelsi was able to deliver highly curated content experiences. This ultimately resulted in a surge of active marketers, content consumption, platform adoption and marketing funds usage. Using a multi-channel approach, Kelsi drove over 400 partners to five content tracks in PathFactory that married multimedia content in one browser experience, including infographics, training videos, at-a-glance guides and platform log-in capability. Campaign engagement metrics include: >10k active audience of Cisco's marketing thought leadership and training content (202% YoY increase), 2,553 unique and active users of its primary partner marketing platform (13% increase YoY), 91% increase in email campaign engagement, 2-5% unique click rate on email and Cisco.com promotions, 40+% binge rate on its PathFactory experiences and a 44% increase in engagement time compared to previous approaches.

Kevin Iaquinto
JDA Software

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Kevin Iaquinto, JDA Software

In 2018, JDA expanded its offerings, acquired Blue Yonder and partnered with Microsoft to advance its SaaS vision. Needing to support these new opportunities, Kevin Iaquinto increased his 2018 marketing goal to be 43% of the sales pipeline and 33% of all closed-won. Not only did Kevin and his team achieve his goal, they surpassed it. Under Kevin’s direction, the marketing team and their demand gen activities were responsible for more than 48% of JDA’s total sales pipeline (20% increase from 2017) and 39% of all closed-won deals (30% increase from 2017). What makes this even more impressive is that JDA’s overall pipeline has been growing in parallel, so this larger percentage is part of an overall growth during that period versus a larger percentage of a shrinking pipeline.

Lisa Arnold
Stein IAS

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Lisa Arnold, Stein IAS

At just 26 years old, Lisa Arnold has had a profound effect on Stein IAS by transforming processes, generating vital new insights and enhancing service delivery for clients. She’s pioneering new ways for customers like HSBC to connect brand to demand, while reporting, measuring and optimizing the funnel. Thanks to Lisa, the company can precisely demonstrate its digital output’s effectiveness. She provides crucial insight on campaigns, measuring impact instantly and providing recommendations for improvement. Lisa played an integral part in the global launch of the Nuix campaign and activated all the campaign’s media, generating a reach of almost eight million impressions/total outbound emails delivered, resulting in 0.15% CTR, which is well above the industry average.

Lisa Pagliaro
MSC Industrial Supply

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Lisa Pagliaro, MSC Industrial Supply

MSC was looking to simplify the buying process by empowering buyers to visit their site, immediately find the products they need and then check out or send for manager approval without any frustrations or roadblocks. MSC worked strategically with the team at Certona, a Kibo company, to implement product recommendations across their website – on category pages, product listing and detail pages, shopping cart pages, as well as the “Add to Cart” popup windows. This initial implementation enabled the website to be equipped with relevant recommendations on pages with the highest visibility. Spearheading the initiative was Lisa Paliaro, who helped the team achieve a 38% increase in conversion, a 12% boost in average order value and a 46% spike in items per order.

Meg Hoyecki
SOC Telemed

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Meg Hoyecki, SOC Telemed

Meg Hoyecki is driven to make the healthcare system in this country smarter and more cost-effective. She allots time every day to nurturing a positive culture by coaching, educating, finding and growing talent, as well as ensuring that the synergy created between both internal and external teams is greater than the sum of its parts. In March of 2018, Meg and the marketing team led a complete re-brand, from company name and logo to messaging and go-to-market strategy. This led to significant growth in both marketing and revenue metrics. This included: 60+ unique pieces of thought leadership content, 25% growth in LinkedIn followers, 113% growth in total website visitors YOY, 100% growth in qualified inbound leads from website (average 12 leads/month to 24, looking at Jan-May YOY), $18M marketing contribution to pipeline, $1.7M new bookings tied to marketing activities and 47% growth in YOY bookings for company (2017-2018).

Neil Walker
PFU (EMEA) Limited

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Neil Walker, PFU (EMEA) Limited

In April 2016, PFU (EMEA) Limited (PFUE) introduced the Imaging Channel Program (ICP) to redefine how the company communicates, motivates and rewards channel partners across the EMEA region, with a particular emphasis on the reseller community. Neil Walker and his team’s 2018 goals revolved around leveraging the ICP to maximize channel sales and drive partner behavior, including building out its Imaging Rewards (IR), a rewards plan for individual resellers that provides points for registering sales and engagement through a comprehensive and fully automated online tool. Today, PFUE has over 3,000 members within ICP and the introduction of IR has resulted in 82% of all individuals joining ICP in 2018 also registering for IR. The company’s first two multi-country IR campaigns saw sales increase by 12.4% and 14.8% year-on-year.

Nicole Kingsley Brunner
Manning and Nappier

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Nicole Kingsley Brunner, Manning and Nappier

M&N’s Marketing department, led by Nicole Kingsley Brunner, focused on marketing automation, demand gen and nurturing leads. Following their renewed digital presence, the firm teamed up with Pardot to one campaign, one blog and a website. The team has since turned the campaign into a lead-generating, prospect-nurturing, client-engagement machine. M&N currently has over 8,000 leads in the queue, 18% growth of subscriber list, and 51% of subscribers actively engage with content.

Paul Green
Extreme Networks

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Paul Green, Extreme Networks

Under the auspices of “Digital Transformation,” Extreme Networks’ undertook a global, cross-functional initiative called “Project Orion” to orchestrate marketing and sales systems into a unified go-to-market engine. Over the past 18 months, Paul Green has been at the helm of this project using a number of external consulting organizations and a highly focused internal, cross-functional “tiger team” to get this project launched. Project Orion’s unique account intelligence lens is having a transformative effect both within the walls of the organization, as well as in its channel partner ecosystem. Extreme Networks has seen a 2.5X lift in outbound calling campaigns, millions of dollars in pipeline and revenue being driven from Orion-powered data initiatives.

Paul Logue

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Paul Logue, SAP

As the SVP & Head of Global Insights, Paul Logue transformed SAP’s market intelligence group into a strategic, digital-first, analytics-powered insights function, enabling the company to rethink its customer acquisition and customer operating model. The centerpiece of Paul’s transformation is the development and launch of SAP’s new Crystal Ball digital account intelligence platform, which provides a powerful “digital” window into SAP customers’ real-time buying needs. In less than a year from initial concept to global launch, the program has driven over $300M in new account pipeline YTD and more.

Peter Evans

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Peter Evans, Optiv

Optiv is undertaking a massive transformation from a traditional VAR to a fully integrated systems integrator. Peter Evans has brought his experience as CMO for four publicly traded companies and as CEO for two companies to help drive a new business strategy and transformation that is fundamentally changing Optiv's business and the industry. Success in execution has come from moving from a partner-driven organization focused on events to a fully integrated marketing engine that includes new disciplines for portfolio management, market segmentation, product marketing, demand generation, and digital marketing — disciplines that were foreign and previously unnecessary at Optiv. As a result, Optiv's total brand awareness has grown to 89%, its share of voice is an average of 10%, and marketing is delivering qualified pipeline approaching 8% of the business from a standing start in 2018, driving higher opportunity conversion.

Polly Leonard
U.S. Cellular

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Polly Leonard, U.S. Cellular

In early 2018 Polly Leonard, U.S. Cellular (USCC) Marketing Brand Manager, knew it was time for a change in the company’s website to focus more on the brand’s B2B buyers. Polly worked closely with her team to create a fully integrated, buyer-focused demand gen strategy, which required persona research and creation, best-in-class SEM, SEO and content marketing to connect with their target audience. With the powerful combination of Polly’s marketing vision to focus on the B2B buyer and her leadership in shaping the new website and content, USCC for Business has seen a dramatic increase in average sessions per month over the last year, driven by a lift in traffic across all channels. Additionally, overall site conversion is already double what the company saw in 2018, and USCC is seeing positive engagement metrics across key areas of the site, including high time on page metrics.

Sara Brunswick
Alcatel Lucent Enterprise

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Sara Brunswick, Alcatel Lucent Enterprise

Sara Brunswick zeroed in on a select audience in the Department of Transportation (DoT) and wrapped an ABM strategy around this program she took to market. The DoT program has yielded meetings and conversations with 13 different state entities and has generated $378,000 in pipeline since implementing it eight months ago. Sara is always up for a challenge and believes in doing the homework and research ahead of time, which many skimp on. She understands the value of getting your audience/persona identified first and then crafting personalized messages that help humanize the brand.

Sarah Schreiner

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Sarah Schreiner, ADP

Sarah Schreiner led the growth and evolution of the ADP Ambassador advocate community, which has completely innovated the concept of advocacy. The community has made it scalable to request and receive client feedback fast. When the company needs insight on user experience, ambassadors join product feedback sessions. When it shifted to a model of client success, ambassadors had ideas to propel it forward. Since its inception in 2015, the company had 4,900+ advocates join the community, with open access for all clients to join and engage, removed 9,000+ hours of administrative work from client success annually, generated 22% higher NPS for advocates than other clients and more.

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