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6 Pillars Of An Ideal Revenue Team

The overarching theme of the first-ever B2B Sales & Marketing Exchange is “Better Together.” We’re constantly pounded with E-bookswebinars and blog posts that drill in the message that B2B needs marketing and sales alignment to work. But for that to become a reality, we need actionable ways to get the entire revenue team on the same page and working together. 

Ahead of #B2BSMX, we caught up with Allison Snow, Senior Analyst at Forresterto hear about what constitutes an ideal revenue team in her eyes, as well as get a sneak peek into her upcoming session at the event. 

Demand Gen Report: What does an ideal revenue team look like to you?  

Allison Snow: I believe deeply that alignment trumps everything else. So, alignment to goals is number one. 

That means my ideal team is made of individuals that first and foremost can articulate their value to the organization in consistent language. If I kick off a meeting and ask that everyone writes down what their goals are for this month, this quarter and this year, I want to see consistent answers. If I ask further, “What will you do to support them? I want to see crisp answers. From there, there are six dimensions that need to reflect the marketing purpose: 

DGR: What does modern demand gen look like to you?  

Snow: At its most simple, it looks like this:  

Pretty simple, right?

DGR: What are you hoping to talk about at your session?  

Snow: My goal is to help revenue pros see artificial intelligence as a pragmatic way to get to know their customers better, rather than a full-on leap to automation. 

DGR: What else are you looking forward to at the event?  

Snow: People, people and people. And a few sessions, of course. 

Allison will be presenting a session in the Demand Gen Summit track titled “Maximum Visibility: Use Artificial Intelligence To Build Experiences That Persuade​.” Check out the session on Tuesday, August 13 at 3:20 PM.

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