Connect with our sponsors in the Marketplace to explore the services and solutions that are transforming B2B. Meetings are short and sweet, clocking in at only 15-minutes each.

1:1 Peer Meetings

Meet with like-minded attendees during the show by searching for them via the search bar or by using the #B2BMX “AI Matches” at the top of the Community tab/page.


Need to talk about a specific sales or marketing challenge with someone in the trenches? Or maybe you just need to vent. Our experts will likely have answers or at least some advice. Book a meeting with one of our #B2BSMXperts in the Meeting Zone today!

How do I book an expert meeting?

How to book a expert meeting:

  1. Click on #B2BSMXperts tab in the event app or web portal.
  2. Browse our list of experts and click to view profiles and available meeting times
  3. Click on an available meeting time (click “see more slots” for the full list)
  4. Select “Preferred Speed Dating Meeting Location: Meeting Zone In-Person” as the location
  5. Type “Expert Meeting” in the message followed by any notes you’d like to include. Mentors may receive invites to a variety of meeting types so It’s important to clarify the purpose of your request.
  6. Once your message is complete, click “Send Meeting Request”
  7. Your request will appear in My Event/My Meetings as “Pending”
  8. Once your mentor accepts the meeting you will receive a notification and “Pending” will change to “Confirmed” (you may need to refresh the page)
  9. Be sure to “Export to Calendar” (upper right corner of My Event/My Meetings) to add all meetings to your personal calendar