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Pressure Test Your Message

Now more than ever, it’s important for your organization’s message to be heard—and product to be sold. But is it strong enough to withstand whatever is thrown at it? Is it strong enough to stand out from the crowd? In this interactive workshop, join 20+ year message strategist Tamsen Webster as she walks through strategies […]

ABM Targeting & Segmentation: A Hands-On Strategy Session

What you do and how you do it are pivotal in determining account-based marketing success. Yet, the market is awash in hype and hyperbole. Based upon primary research into 500 ABM programs across three continents, we’ll identify paths of success and how to avoid potholes of failure. Join this workshop and learn fact-based strategies to […]

Creative Ways To Engage Channel Partners…Regardless Of Budget

No matter what your resources look like right now, there are simple, low-cost strategies that can be taken to drive demand and grow your business through the channel regardless of budget. Whether you’re trying to recruit new channel partners, re-engage inactive partners, or simply educate your channel ecosystem to do demand generation in today’s “new […]

How Marketers Can Support Sales When They Can’t Visit Their Customers

OK, who wants 2020 to be over? It has certainly been a frustrating year (to say the least) for many of us. Everything we are familiar with is eerily unfamiliar. We are constrained by social distancing and regulatory rules to minimize the spread of the virus. Our sales team, who is so used to traveling […]

F The Funnel — How Marketing Loops Will Turn Leads Into Lifelong Loyalists

Marketers don’t get any respect. At the heart of this issue is the fact that marketers are still dependent on the lead generation funnel. Funnels contort our businesses into inorganic, inaccessible, project-based activities that are not focused on revenue. It’s time to break away from the shackles of the traditional funnel and start generating real […]

The New Plan A: How To Regain Clarity, Get Proactive & Do Exceptional Work Again

Our world as marketing and sales leaders has always been overflowing with ideas and answers, available instantly, everywhere, from everyone. Yes, the dark side of the Information Age seems to be advice overload. But now? Impossibly, that feels kicked into high gear. Everyone has their own “recovery” concepts for you, your team and your brand. […]

The Recipe For Connecting With Buyers In Virtual Environments

B2B marketers and sales professionals have been challenged with transitioning in-person events — from conferences to prospect meetings, to virtual environments. In doing so, teams are also faced with finding new ways to create the engagement and connectedness of a live experience. Join Grubhub for an insightful conversation about how meals can bring everyone to […]

But First, Segmentation

When it comes to Account-Based Marketing, personalization is key… and expected nowadays. But how do you segment your Total Addressable Market in a meaningful and actionable way?  Join Beth Tiltges, Director of Field and Customer Marketing at Demandbase, for a look into new ways to create, prioritize and take action on key segments for your business.

Deliver Real World Experiences That Grab Attention & Make Your Brand Pop!

Join Samantha Yarborough, Director of Strategic Partnerships at PFL, as she takes you through the steps to turn your plummeting response rates into a high-performing marketing machine. During this session, you’ll learn how to: Create an orchestrated framework that works through the entire buying journey;   Bring physical reality to a virtual-only setting;  Adapt to […]

How Terminus Influenced $5.5M In Pipeline

Like most companies during COVID-19, Terminus needed to pivot away from the company’s initial events-based marketing strategy and find new ways to maintain engagement with prospects and customers in a remote-first world. Through unique, educational direct mail packages and targeted workshops with eGifted lunches, Terminus found ways to genuinely connect with customers virtually. Sendoso’s Sruthi […]

4 Successful Account-Based Strategies For Sales & Marketing …And Why They Deliver Results

Elastic is an open source software company with a simple goal… to solve the world’s data problems with products that delight and inspire. Growing revenues at over 50% annually, Elastic capitalizes on innovative sales and marketing motions to fuel its hypergrowth.  One example of that innovation in action is the Elastic account-based program. Sales and […]

Cracking The Marketing Measurement Code

One of the most elusive parts of marketing is measuring success — understanding how programs drive engagement across key accounts, how accounts are progressing and when sales should act. Learn why attribution, MQLs and CTRs just won’t cut it anymore and how to pivot to new operational metrics related to account-based everything. So, set your […]

LAB: Proving The Value Of Virtual To Attendees & Your Stakeholders

We’re pulling back the curtain to share the secrets to success and lessons we learned as we took our flagship event, Cvent CONNECT, virtual. During this session, Cvent’s Senior Manager of Event Marketing Alyssa Peltier will walk you through the challenges she overcame to generate 40,000+ registrants for our largest virtual event to date. From […]

LAB: How Vidyard’s Top Customers Generate & Convert More Leads

Join Tyler Lessard, Vidyard’s VP of Marketing, to learn how some of Vidyard’s most successful customers — including Marketo and Gordian — are using video content and analytics to generate and convert more leads. Tyler will share tactical examples of how some of the biggest names in B2B are hitting their goals with video! You’ll […]

LAB: Hit Your Number: How ZoomInfo Used ZoomInfo To Build A Leading Go-to-Market Strategy

Join ZoomInfo’s Lab to hear VP of Sales Steven Bryerton and VP of Revenue Operations Scott Sutton as they take you behind-the-scenes of one of the fastest growing tech companies in the country and share the company’s recipes for success. They’ll discuss how ZoomInfo uses ZoomInfo to build their leading go-to-market strategy. You’ll walk away […]