B2B Sales & Marketing Exchange

What Sales Really Wants From Marketing

Are you a marketer doing your best to give sales what they really want? Are you in sales and want to better communicate how marketing can help you achieve your objectives? Then don’t miss this session. Nancy Nardin, Founder of Smart Selling Tools, will share her “Hierarchy of Sales Needs” as a model to understand […]

How Poly Aligns Sales & Marketing Messaging To The Buyer’s Journey

This session will feature an inside look at how Poly, a producer of audio communications equipment, has mapped and aligned its Sales and Marketing messaging to the specific needs of its buyers. It includes specific background on how Poly moved from leading with product- and brand-centric messaging to focusing on content that addresses the questions […]

Integrating Your SDR Superstars Into Your Demand Gen Strategy

This panel will feature top thought leaders and practitioners sharing examples and insights of how high-growth companies are collaborating closely between their SDR and demand generation teams. The discussion will include: Approaches to incorporating content and messaging to make sales outreach relevant and valuable to prospects, How the cadence of marketing messaging and sales outreach are being synched […]