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Dale Dupree



The Sales Rebellion

In 1984 my Father opened the doors to his copier firm, in 1985 I was born, toner runs in my blood. I am the Legendary Copier Warrior. My existence as a sales professional is to honor my Father’s legacy whom I lost to cancer. My 13 years of B2B sales experience have lead me into the realm of sales training and development. As the Leader of The Sales Rebellion, my purpose is to give other sales professionals confidence to lead the charge for change in their respective industries. Just as I exist to change the game in the sea of sameness that is the ever so generic and stale, sales training channel. Some choose a paradise untouched by others, an easy, quiet life that allows consistency and complacency, they reach the mountaintop, breathe in its glory, build their home and settle. But beyond that mountaintop lies the unknown, the darkest valleys, and treasures untouched. Because of this, I choose legendary. Dare to journey with me?