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Cole Baker-Bagwell

Cole Baker Bagwell

Founder, CEO & Kindness Director

Cool Audrey

Cole had two successful “boots on the ground” decades solving sales and strategy puzzles for many of the world’s largest companies from Silicon Valley to Wall Street. Her work started the same way every time- people first. Her custom blend of smart business strategy with her longstanding, personal mindfulness practice changed the experience her teams and clients had in the business they did together. They created higher levels of trust, connection, engagement, partnership and success and they realized exceptional outcomes. Her success comes from understanding that mastering the tough skills is where the magic begins. Learning how to access emotional intelligence, put it into motion and pair it with kindness is the stuff that brings people together and moves them forward. She built Cool Audrey™ to enable other people to do the same. As Founder and Kindness Director of Cool Audrey™, Cole partners with companies to create kindness-first cultures. She uses mindfulness as a springboard to elevate emotional intelligence to a strategic, must-have business imperative. She’s unconventional in her language, in her approach to business and in the way she sees the world.