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Tyler Lessard


VP Marketing


Tyler is a marketing executive with a passion for creative storytelling, data-driven marketing, and creating exceptional customer experiences. As VP of Marketing at Vidyard, he’s spent 6+ years immersed in the world of online video and content marketing, helping to define and share best practices for businesses of all shapes and sizes. He’s a frequent speaker and author on topics spanning video marketing, content marketing, B2B sales, and account-based marketing, and is the host of the Creating Connections podcast and Video in Focus show.

As a marketing leader, Tyler has been recognized by Demand Gen Report as the top Buyer-Focused Marketer in B2B marketing, and by Marketo, an Adobe company, as one of the top 50 Fearless Marketers in the B2B space. When he’s not chasing higher engagement and conversion rates, he can be found chasing one of his four wonderful children or producing some form of slightly ridiculous content.