B2B Sales & Marketing Exchange

4 Successful Account-Based Strategies For Sales & Marketing …And Why They Deliver Results

October 26
2:00 pm – 2:30 pm ET
Seleste Lunsford
Sejal Korenromp

Elastic is an open source software company with a simple goal… to solve the world’s data problems with products that delight and inspire. Growing revenues at over 50% annually, Elastic capitalizes on innovative sales and marketing motions to fuel its hypergrowth. 

One example of that innovation in action is the Elastic account-based program. Sales and marketing leaders have successfully implemented four account-based strategies to help them parlay their open-source developer usage into broader enterprise relationships. In this case study session, we will review those four strategies, lessons learned during execution and keys to success:

  • We will share practical ways for Sales and Marketing to work together on account-based motions showing how Elastic’s messaging, events and content creation intertwine with penetration, opportunity and account management activities. 
  • We will explain how moving beyond typical 1st and 3rd party intelligence can unlock new levels of effectiveness and efficiency. We will explore examples of how deep account and contact intelligence, provided by Emissary’s human intelligence network of executives, saves Elastic valuable seller time and creates better personalization. 
  • We will share new primary research that highlights the current IT buyer mindset. Learn what is driving buyer behaviors in our current environment and why buyers choose to invest in some software solutions, and not others.

Those starting or looking to refine an account-based program will benefit from real examples, primary research and replicable tips and techniques. Attendees will learn:

  • How do you gain executive access in a chaotic market and time?
  • What kind of intelligence is needed to fuel an account-based program?
  • How do account-based strategies differ for penetration vs. expansion?
  • How can Marketing best engage Sales in an account-based program?