B2B Sales & Marketing Exchange

7 Key Elements You Need to Incorporate Into Your 2021 Marketing Plan

October 27
2:00 pm – 2:30 pm ET
Pam Didner
Pam Didner
Relentless Pursuit

If you already have a marketing plan template, GREAT! If you don’t, well, it’s the time to create one.

There are some critical elements that should be included in the marketing plan. Pam Didner, B2B Marketing Consultant, Author of Global Content Marketing, Effective Sales Enablement, and The Modern AI Marketer, will explain why these elements are vital.

If you have an existing template, you can compare Pam’s recommendations with your current template and determine if it’s necessary to refine it. If you don’t have one, you can come to this session, take the template and customize to fit your company’s needs.

Bonus: the planning template Pam created will also help you think strategically.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  •  Identify the objectives and audience for your marketing plan
  • Determine the elements to include in your marketing plan
  • Create a revised template for your plan to better align with your team