B2B Sales & Marketing Exchange

Content Advocacy: How To Build Trust With A Committee-Focused Approach

October 28
2:30 pm – 3:00 pm ET
Kushlani De Silva

Content marketing can be a cost-effective, adaptable, and quick channel to get your message across to either niche or mass audiences. However, many organizations are struggling to stand out as buyers get more and more overwhelmed by the marketing messages and digital thought leadership content being pushed at them. To create advocacy for your content, you must build trust. And to build trust, you must tailor content to the unique needs, goals and mindsets of your intended audience.

In the software space, for example, your audience could be a developer, an architect, or a CIO. The content channel, format, and context should relate to the pain points that either audience is looking to address — and should also align with their unique content discovery and consumption preferences. They must feel that you understand their needs better than they do. In doing so, you build trust that brings continued readership and in time, advocacy.

This session will cover:

  • How to realign from content marketing to content advocacy;
  • Tips to identify the cause behind your content and how to get your audience to believe in it;
  • Making content work for different members of the buying committee; and
  • Key considerations for format and amplification channel selection.