B2B Sales & Marketing Exchange

How Poly Aligns Sales & Marketing Messaging To The Buyer’s Journey

October 28
2:00 pm – 2:30 pm ET
Lisa Christiansen

This session will feature an inside look at how Poly, a producer of audio communications equipment, has mapped and aligned its Sales and Marketing messaging to the specific needs of its buyers. It includes specific background on how Poly moved from leading with product- and brand-centric messaging to focusing on content that addresses the questions and needs of buyers at specific points in their journey.

Join this session to learn how Poly:

  • Uses a mix of content formats, thought leadership and audience insights to engage and educate its audience,
  • Applies the Challenger Sale model to align their Sales and Content Marketing strategies,
  • Educates its internal sales team and provides enablement tools to increase relevance and value of all touches.