B2B Sales & Marketing Exchange

How Terminus Influenced $5.5M In Pipeline

October 26
2:00 pm – 2:30 pm ET
Sruthi Kumar
Stephanie Kelly

Like most companies during COVID-19, Terminus needed to pivot away from the company’s initial events-based marketing strategy and find new ways to maintain engagement with prospects and customers in a remote-first world. Through unique, educational direct mail packages and targeted workshops with eGifted lunches, Terminus found ways to genuinely connect with customers virtually.

Sendoso’s Sruthi Kumar sits down with Terminus’ Stephanie Kelly to hear how Terminus influenced $5.5M in pipeline in a remote world. Join this session to hear:

  • How Terminus brought this program to life and created offline touchpoints for their customers;
  • The importance of Physical Impressions during COVID-19 and creating unique experiences throughout the marketing and sales process, as well as the customer lifecycle; and
  • Creative campaigns Terminus has planned to continue to drive engagement in Q4 and beyond.