B2B Sales & Marketing Exchange

Inside The Minds Of Growth Marketers: New Approaches For Engaging Audiences Amid Social Distancing

October 28
3:30 pm – 4:00 pm ET
Laura Hart
Laura Hart
Sierra Summers

Over the past year, growth marketing has evolved from a new trend to an imperative for success. Best-in-class B2B organizations are onboarding growth marketing leaders to act as a connecting point between sales, marketing and executive leadership, and a means for generating customer acquisition, retention and loyalty.

But what does the future of growth marketing look like as organizations adjust their goals and refine their strategies to keep pace with an increasingly volatile market? During this panel, growth marketers will share their unique perspectives and predictions, including:

  • New channels that will drive business growth and audience engagement;
  • New approaches to support virtual engagement and alternatives to field marketing;
  • Hard and soft skills critical for bolstering internal and external relationships; and
  • Tools and platforms that are central for generating productivity and profitability.