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The Endless River: How Customer Experience is Making Continuous Engagement An Imperative For Channel Teams

October 28
2:30 pm – 3:00 pm ET
Larry Walsh
Larry Walsh
The 2112 Group

Technology was once a transactional business. Solution providers and sales reps would approach customers when they had something new on the line card—a new release, a new version or an upgrade. Transactional sales are increasingly a thing of the past. Value propositions are no longer just about cost savings, but rather in the technology outcomes and user experiences.

Ensuring that customers understand their technology investments, are planning the right implementations and executing the highest possible outcome is making continuous engagement the equivalent of customer experience.

In this session, The 2112 Group’s Larry Walsh will delve into changing customer expectations and how vendors need to rethink their customer journeys—direct and through partners—as an endless river of engagement.