B2B Sales & Marketing Exchange

The New Revenue Conversations In The C-Suite

October 28
11:00 am – 11:45 am ET
Tim Kopp
Meagen Eisenberg
Anna Baird

How sales and marketing leaders are partnering to drive go-to-market transformation and align on common objectives and measurement

2020 has drastically accelerated the evolution already underway across modern sales and marketing teams. Adapting to (and leading) this change requires senior revenue leaders to agree on new strategies, new metrics and new working patterns. Now focused on driving more efficient growth, the go-to-market relationships in the C-suite are more dynamic — and more important — than ever.

Join Terminus CEO Tim Kopp, along with TripActions CMO Meagen Eisenberg and Outreach CRO Anna Baird, for a frank discussion on what the working relationships look like in today’s best performing companies. Understand how sales and marketing teams are aligning to find repeatable, predictable, measurable results and get a first-hand account of how these discussions unfold in the context of overall company strategy.