B2B Sales & Marketing Exchange

When Mindfulness Meets Business: Exercises For Modern Sales & Marketing Professional

October 27
11:00 am – 11:30 am ET
Cole Baker Bagwell
Cole Baker-Bagwell
Cool Audrey

People are craving selfless, kind and reliable interactions more than ever before. This is the new landscape of business in which we all need human, empathetic connection. And the way we make each other feel will have a profound impact on our businesses moving forward. Mindfulness is the gateway to creating awareness and intentionality, and kindness powers deep, meaningful human connection.

During this interactive session, Cole Baker-Bagwell, Founder and Kindness Director of Cool Audrey™, will walk sales and marketing professionals through a series of exercises designed to help them develop daily mindfulness practices to change the way they communicate, collaborate and serve customers. Attend this session to get meaningful insights into:

  • How to get centered;
  • What mindfulness is and why it’s so hard to achieve;
  • How to create intentionality to deepen connections; and
  • Practices to prep for more meaningful (and valuable) conversations.