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We’ve narrowed down hundreds of submissions to bring you 34 B2B innovators who have been leading the charge in creative revenue generation. Now it’s up to you to choose who will be crowned as an Innovator of the Year at the B2B Sales & Marketing Exchange event on August 9-11 at the Encore Boston Harbor.

Who should you vote for?

Below you’ll find a short snippet detailing the coveted success and innovation these marketing and sales professionals have accomplished. Check them out below and cast your vote before the August 6th 5:00 PM ET deadline! Demand Gen Report will then spotlight the most voted finalist as this year’s Innovator of the Year at our Best In B2B awards ceremony at the event.

The 2021 B2B Innovators

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Aaron Rhodes

Voodle, Inc.

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Aaron Rhodes, Marketing Director, Voodle, Inc.

Aaron is a great leader and teammate, who transitioned from executive producer of Voodle’s VR systems to being a Marketing Director after the company’s pivot last year. He has had a prolific career in visual effects and consistently upgrades both marketing efforts and team dynamic through his use of Voodles to tell stories and create meaningful connections on the team. His 60-second video bursts for collaboration and creativity on the Voodle platform help stave off the pressures of Zoom fatigue and Slack addiction felt by today’s culture of “always-on” synchronous demands.  

Alison Durant

Alison Durant

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Alison Durant, CMO of EngageSmart

Alison has managed creative (and massive) marketing campaigns, built businesses from the ground up, and taken corporations public. But what’s most impressive is that throughout it all, she has remained focused on empowering the women around her. Alison has mentored women in tech throughout the Greater Boston area and works with the Women’s Fund of Southeastern Massachusetts, which aims to advance education and financial security among local young women.  

Allison Metcalfe

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Allison Metcalfe, CRO of Demandbase

Allison has spent her career in tech helping women take on the unique workplace issues they face. She’s played a role in every company she’s worked at to craft creative parental leave policies, establish women-centric employee resource groups and create private spaces for pumping parents.  

Amanda Maksymiw

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Amanda Maksymiw, Senior director of content and communications for Fuze

Amanda has launched several content campaigns to build brand awareness and establish credibilityOver the past 18 months, all content marketing assets have driven more than 9,000 downloads and 4,000 engaged account contacts. 

Andrew Reed

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Andrew Reed, Senior Marketing Manager - Northern Europe & EMEA Operations, AVEVA

Andrew successfully launched the newly created “Agile Account-Based Growth” into his organization, AVEVA. He has continually brought insights into AVEVA in the form of ideas, strategies, data, and collaborations with outsourced organizations such as Infinityn. Andrew brings a wide variety of personal traits to the organization such as a positive attitude, teamwork spirit, patience, and genuine passion for ABM/AABG. 

Anh Dang

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Anh Dang, Demand Generation Manager for Alation

Anh implemented an in-market audience layer for paid search campaigns, allowing Alation to capture additional high-intent leads at a fraction of the normal cost, created comparison landing pages to steal traffic from our main competitors, and performed analysis on lead funnel metrics to identify and reduce wasted ad spend on paid search/social. Anh has generated $37 million in pipeline for the sales team from all performance marketing channels, increased pipeline by 14% quarter over quarter while at the same time decreasing spend by 18%. 

Annika Helmrich

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Annika Helmrich, Senior Director, Field Marketing, E2open

Annika leads the Global Field Marketing team at a leading supply chain software company where she created a team to support 5 industry-focused business units to cross-sell and drive pipeline and revenue with existing clients and most recently support new logo acquisition programs. She built and rolled out a framework for ABM last year that has been applied across each BU.  

Ashleigh Gorman
Vista Equity Partners

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Ashleigh Gorman, Sr. Manager, Marketing Technology & Insights, Vista Equity Partners

Ashleigh led the charge in designing and launching the Investor Engagement Center (IEC) portal, a custom-built, scalable, combination of WordPress and Marketo created to replicate in-person events. Along the way, the team overcame technical hurdles, including privacy settings to ensure non-investors could not gain access to the portal’s proprietary and sensitive information. 

Ashley Long

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Ashley Long, Senior Manager of Marketing Operations, Demandbase

Ashley is always in search of an opportunity to solve business concerns with data-driven decision making and the mantra that it is not only important to align revenue teams behind concrete data, but the same data. With her multi-touch attribution structure, the marketing team now has access to a broad set of metrics, including true ROI from pipeline and closed won opportunities, touchpoints at various stages of the opportunity journey most influential to conversion, and overall target account and persona engagement.  

Beth McCluskey
RAIN Group 

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Beth McCluskey, Director of Marketing, RAIN Group

In a year struck by a global pandemic and marked by a huge shift in sales education and training, Beth played a crucial role in spearheading the marketing strategy around the top sales company’s pivot and growth in what was a down year for many companies. Beth has been an integral part of the growth of RAIN Group for over 9 years. Over the last year, she used every tool in her belt—copywriting, design, strategy, web development, platform integration, SEO, and more—to support her organization in attracting new customers and thriving during a pandemic.  

Brooke Bartos

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Brooke Bartos, Director of Marketing Operations, InvoiceCloud

Brooke joined InvoiceCloud from a background in consulting, and with that came a lens of problem solving that she immediately put to work on the marketing and sales technology stacks and integrations. She immediately identified challenges with the sync architecture of the stack, data gaps that were creating problems in proper segmentation and tracking and discovered growth opportunities to impact both the internal and external customer experience. Through intense collaboration with internal stakeholders, a roadmap was created to highlight each area of the customer experience and where changes could be made.  

Carey Straetz

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Carey Straetz, Head of Demand Gen for Mode

Not only has Carey lead exceptional innovations in marketing, she led the SurePayroll Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee, where she had spent an extensive amount of time and creativity in inspiring and challenging colleagues across the organization to discuss, analyze, and challenge ways of thinking to create a safe, inclusive, and equitable place for all employees and clients. 

Carmen Goldstein

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Carmen Goldstein, Senior Manager, Growth Marketing, Unity

Carmen established and operationalized the first game lifecycle ABM program at Unity in 2021. As of six months since launch, the game lifecycle ABM program is already pacing at 111% of the 2021 marketing sourced pipeline goal and is tracking to beat the 2021 marketing sourced revenue goal before year end. 

Christina Kay

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Christina Kay, Growth Marketer for ResellerRatings

Faced with over 1 million data issues in SalesForce and HubSpot, Christina sat on calls with various internal teams to identify and understand their current pain points to determine what areas would benefit from automation. Ultimately, she reduced data issues by 75% in just five weeks and implemented ongoing processes to ensure data cleanliness.  

Courtney Margossian

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Courtney Margossian, Director of Marketing, Notarize

For Courtney, innovation is a guiding principle for the team. In 2021, she created a new concept called “Plays,” a set of defined motions to get a specific result. This is her new flavor of ABM. She ensures her team rolls out one new play each month. This new approach has transformed Notarize’s Marketing and Sales strategy, grew the funnel and allowed the team to find new use cases and tap into new markets. 

Deanna Ransom

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Deanna Ransom, CMO of Senzing

Deanna created the strategy for the DE&I initiative to expand beyond incarcerated women for TeleverdeShe established the learning curriculum, impacted the hiring and even began a monthly book club to support the ongoing education against bias and more inclusive listening. She is currently helping Women in Revenue build their DE&I program to better support DE&I as an organic growth initiative.  

Doug Houvener

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Doug Houvener, Senior Manager, Revenue Operations, WebPT

Doug leveraged martech tools and various data sources to create personalized email experiences as part of WebPT’s account-based marketing strategy (ABM), which he built from the ground up. He approached this opportunity with sender-based campaigns that enabled him to deploy customized email signature banners which automatically display relevant WebPT content based on who is sending the email.  

Elizabeth Irvine

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Elizabeth Irvine, VP of Marketing for MarketMuse

With a goal to create a virtual event for prospects and customers that would drive value strategically and tactically, Elizabeth and her team created a three-day program featuring 27 external speakers that received overwhelmingly positive feedback from speakers and attendees. Key achievements include 25+ hours of high-quality content, more than doubled the registration goal, saw a 52% show rate of registrants, saw a 200% increase in social media mentions and over 1100 views of on-demand recordings. 

Fumihide Esaka

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Fumihide Esaka, Chairman and CEO, Ambiq

Fumihide, known as Humi, believes in the power of marketing as he has accomplished measurable successes by advising, guiding, and supervising the marketing teams of his previously led companies through the journey of going public. At AmbiqHumi dedicated resources to build up the entire marketing department from scratch by recruiting top talents from the semiconductor industry.   

Hana Jacover

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Hana Jacover, Sr. Director of Demand Generation for MadKudu

Hana is a founding member of Demand Gen Report’s Demanding Diversity Council, with other memberships including member, committee member and 2022 board member for Women In Revenue, and a marketing committee member for Black Marketers Association of America. Hana’s impact in this area can be measured by many positive outcomes — from providing education and perspective at the executive level through candid conversations, helping to determine key KPIs and objectives for organizations to improve diversity and equity, or mentoring young black professionals and professionals of color to ensure they are seen, heard and equipped with the tools and confidence to let their magic and true selves’ shine. 

Hannah Frankl

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Hannah Frankl, Google for Startups, Global PMM for Google

Hannah spearheads the Google for Startups’ support for founders with disabilities. She led the creation of Google’s first-ever official marketing guidelines for disability-inclusive marketing, training hundreds of Googlers, startup founders, and executives in disability-inclusion best practices.   

Jennifer Leaver

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Jennifer Leaver, Senior Global ABM Manager, Bazaarvoice

Jennifer runs Account Based Marketing strategies for major accounts at Bazaarvoice. She is excellent at creating the structure of her company’s ABM strategies and simplifying the expectations of the sales org to maximize participation and results.  

Jonah Cooperman

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Jonah Cooperman, Global Demand Generation & Marketing Operations Leader at Atlassian

Following a recent Marketo implementation, Jonah wanted to double down on using the system to create scalable solutions that supported business goals, with a special emphasis on empowering his team. After rebuilding his team to increase their performance, create efficiencies and improve customer experience, Jonah saw 50% more work from 80% more team members year-over-year, a 30% reduction time between ticket submission and campaign launch and more than a 20% increase in terms of engagement.  

Julie Brewer
Bottomline Technologies

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Julie Brewer, SVP of Demand Generation, Bottomline Technologies

Under the leadership of SVP demand generation Julie Brewer, Bottomline completely disrupted its previous marketing to sales process by  creating an innovative, tightly defined and aligned qualification engine. The efforts led to Bottomline driving MQLs by 75%. The new qualification process is ongoing and continually presents new innovation opportunities for Brewer and her team. It’s also worth noting that the Bottomline initiative will be essential for a sales team that has to manage the new hybrid virtual-personal complex sales cycle environment.

Lisa Sharapata

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Lisa Sharapata, VP Marketing, Brand & Demand for Mindtickle

Lisa is an active member of Women of Mindtickle (WOM), which strives to advance the professional growth of Mindtickle employees through programs, community and events. WOM Programs are focused on women and allies. She’s also a member of Women in Revenue, empowering and educating current and future women leaders in revenue. And she’s a volunteer and donor at A Safe Place, the leading advocate for eliminating domestic violence & human trafficking in northern Illinois. 

Lydia Flocchini
SurePoint Technologies

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Lydia Flocchini, CMO, SurePoint Technologies

Lydia is a data storyteller, business transformation leader, category and value creator who is passionate about customer success, marketing, data and analytics, legal technology, and productizing WOW moments for customers. The challenging circumstances of the last year accelerated digital transformation and novel approaches to engaging customers. Under her leadership, the team accomplished a successful rebrand, launched new products, and lead gen campaigns which led to 75 closed deals in 2020 alone.

Matt Maurer

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Matt Maurer, Sr, Vice President and CMO of ICF

Matt led the launch of ICF’s Climate Center, a digital thought leadership hub designed to underscore ICF’s market leadership and, more importantly, help organizations better understand the impacts of climate change; establish clear, practical pathways forward; and promote the right action at the right time to enable strategic planning, operations, and investments for the future. Since then, Matt evolved ICF’s 50-year-old brand, incorporated more digital, forward-thinking tools to meet marketing and business goals and leveraged ICF’s employees to be the ultimate brand ambassadors 

Maura Rivera

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Maura Rivera, CMO of Qualified

Maura created the Demand Gen Visionaries podcast designed for CMOs and demand gen leaders to share key strategies and campaign tactics, and brought to life Taste of Qualified, a wine tasting event designed to bring marketing leaders together for networking.  

Melissa Nacerino

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Melissa Nacerino, Head of Global Channels & Alliances Marketing, Netskope

Earlier this year, Melissa was honored to become the Executive Sponsor for the company’s women’s networking group: AWON (Awesome Women of Netskope). Since taking the reins, she has launched a mentoring program, established quarterly AWON sessions, welcomed guest speakers, started AWON’s book club, and organized participation in professional development forums for dozens of employees.  

Natalie Gullatt
Black Marketers Association of America

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Natalie Gullatt, Founder and President, Black Marketers Association of America (BMAA)

By founding BMAA in May 2017, Natalie has exposed many black marketers to the world of B2B marketing. She has led the organization to partnering with different companies and initiatives to help increase the diversity within the B2B marketing space.  

Robert J. Gorincen
Dominion DMS

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Robert J. Gorincen, Marketing Director, Dominion DMS

Within 3 months of being hired, Robert grew the marketing team by 300%, all of whom work remotely across the US. Despite the “great resignation” that saw high numbers of people changing jobs, his team continues to see a 100% retention rate. In addition, all key marketing initiatives and goals were achieved with 22,971 social impressions, 3,538 social followers, 16,814 website visits, 185,274 emails delivered and 15.76% open rate. These results are an indication of a highly engaged and high performing team.  

Santosh Singh
Tata Technologies

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Santosh Singh, SVP & Global Head - Marketing, Business Excellence & Innovation, TATA Technologies

Santosh developed an aggressive Marketing Strategy in April 2020 and decided to go back to our customers with specific solutions to deal with lockdown consequences and undertake R&D projects that would help TATA empower its customers for success in the new normal. Thus, a new ABM strategy was developed with four specific levers.  

Sarah McConnell

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Sarah McConnell, Vice President of Demand Generation for Qualified

Prior to the launch and implementation of Sarah’s ABM program, 55% of pipeline came from accounts that are now on Qualified’s ABM target account list. Almost eight months later, 80% of inbound pipeline comes from target accounts, an optimal situation for any marketing team because that means prospects are qualified, translating to better deals.  

Tabitha Adams

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Tabitha Adams, Sr. Manager, Revenue Marketing, Integrate

Being a lead contributor for Integrate’s category launch around Precision Demand Marketing, Tabitha took the initiative to ensure all our efforts were centered around what the buyer would need to understand instead of centering on Integrate’s platform. She frequently “pauses for reflection” within her marketing work — ensuring efforts reflect the latest working trends in marketing and incorporates more of the customer or ICP voice instead of relying on traditional marketing frameworks that only tout the voice of the product/platform. 

Hilary Headlee

Hilary Headlee
Zoom Video Communications

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Hilary Headlee, Zoom Video Communications

Hilary Headlee is the Head of Sales Ops and Enablement at Zoom Video Communications. She adopted LeanData’s solution for lead-to-account matching and routing that was foundational to the team’s success in meeting unprecedented demand for its services, and allowed them to scale their lead-management systems and processes with the speed and agility needed to respond quickly to the businesses, schools and individuals when they needed them most. As Zoom continues to experience unprecedented growth, the confidence, scalability and agility that automating lead management provides the organization will remain integral to success.

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