Marketing Predictions From B2B Pioneer Jon Miller

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The B2B buyer’s journey has changed dramatically and the role of marketers to influence that journey has shifted with it (and continues to!). As the original Marketo Co-founder and Founder of Engagio, Jon Miller predicted marketing automation’s rise and now he’s setting out new predictions for how marketers will need to align themselves to customers, bottom-of-funnel metrics and post-sale revenue.   

In this session replay from the B2B Marketing Exchange Online Experience in February, Miller, who is now the Chief Marketing and Product Officer at Demandbase, discusses these recent trends in buying and how new research on sales and marketing alignment highlights the explicit ways revenue teams can set themselves apart from the competition.  

Check out this week’s episode of the B2BMX Podcast to learn:  

  • How to implement account-based best practices from leading practitioners;  
  •  To recognize what works — and doesn’t — for engaging accounts in conjunction with sales; and  
  • What’s in store for B2B marketing in the next 10 years.  

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