Dr. Debbie Qaqish


Partner & Chief Strategy Officer

The Pedowitz Group

“It’s time to re-imagine, re-define and then re-invent the role of B2B marketing. It’s time to eradicate the legacy ideas, perceptions, roles and siloed structures that hold back the potential of marketing. It’s time to recognize the power of the customer and marketing’s role in a new kind of customer relationship. It’s time to to embrace a new world transformed by technology in which marketing is no longer the pens and mugs department. It’s time for marketing to step-up, assume a key leadership role for the future and move from the backroom to the boardroom.” – Dr. Debbie Qaqish A nationally recognized pioneer, author and inspirational speaker in B2B marketing, Dr. Debbie Qaqish has dedicated her career to helping marketers gain a seat and a voice in the boardroom. As a marketing executive, she purchased her first marketing automation system in 2004. That early experience formed her opinion that emerging technologies were forever changing the role of marketing – in a big way. In 2007, Dr. Qaqish moved from practitioner to trusted advisor for marketing leaders when she became a partner of the Pedowitz Group. In 2019, she added an academic perspective by earning her doctorate with a dissertation that explored how the B2B CMO adopts financial accountability. As a marketing pioneer, Dr. Qaqish coined the term “Revenue Marketing” in 2010, introduced the Revenue Marketing Journey model in 2011 and published her prize winning first book – The Rise of The Revenue Marketer” in 2013. Her most recent book – “From The Backroom To The Boardroom”, introduces a new lexicon and roadmap for marketing operations. Dr. Qaqish is also a prolific writer having published columns and articles for publications such as AMA, MarTech Today, Marketing Profs, DemandGen Report, Chief Marketer and CMO.com. She is frequently asked to provide inspirational and futuristic talks at tradeshows, association events and private company gatherings. Dr. Qaqish also teaches in the MBA program at The College of William and Mary. Connect with Debbie via LinkedIn, email: Debbie@Pedowitzgroup.com or phone: 770-331-4443.