How To Cut Through The Noise And Build Awareness

Have you ever wondered how your marketing strategy ballooned to something that is too complex and not tightly intertwined? In this session, learn how one company took a step back to review what they did and used a data-based approach to simplify their model, which increased efficiency, pipeline and deal speed, while unifying all data and decreased spend.

The Future Of Work: Inside The Employees (And The Marketers) Mind

With 78% of employee living from paycheck to paycheck and over 80% of college graduates being burdened with student loans, the world of benefits has been forced to take a new approach to hiring and retaining top talent. While historically the concern of HR managers and payroll teams, today’s marketing team must be on top of these issues to create the right brand strategies that support future company performance.

Join Jeanniey Mullen as she shares insights, actions and ideas on how to drive growth to the any company’s bottom line in our new employee-led world.

The Five Languages Of Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is today’s reality — and also fraught with buzzwords. As marketers, we know we can play a major role in driving the transformation within our organizations: from defining the digital strategy and devising a disruptive positioning, to building engagement, experience and communities, and of course to powering growth. Yet, we often struggle to build trust and credibility with our internal stakeholders. A foundational hurdle we face is to make sure we are speaking the same language as our partners and counterparts. How fluent are you at the five languages of digital transformation?

Customer Centricity: Bringing Personas To Life And The Impact Of Building Customer Empathy

Today, companies are competing on the basis of the customer experience more than ever before. Visibility and insights into who customers are — and their specific wants and needs — are key for driving growth, differentiating from the competition and increasing buyer and customer engagement and loyalty. Yet, companies are going through this transformation with less human to human contact. In this session, we’ll discuss how to build richer personas and deep customer empathy at scale. 

Is AI Smart Enough For Sales And Marketing?

Customers are confronted with a vast range of solutions and options, but choice doesn’t always equal conversion. In a world where AI is seen as a key solution to driving sales and marketing, is it smart enough to really help achieve powerful, human-like conversations? What if there was a way to drive AI-powered, frictionless conversations to help customers find the perfect solution? Or a way to capture powerful lead information and equip your sales teams with the data they need to drive winning conversations? What if there was a way to drive more effective marketing strategies for increased revenue and long term profitability? This session will spotlight the power of AI in the sales process and conversational marketing as a platform for guided selling.

The Role Of Revenue Operations In Change Management

In our world, change is accelerating and companies need to be prepared to take advantage of unexpected opportunities or adapt to changing industry and market conditions. An effective Revenue Operations function is a key component to manage change and gain a competitive advantage.   

I Helped Grow Drift from 0 to $10 Million+ In Less Than 700 Days Than 2 Years As A First-Time Marketing Leader: Here’s What I Wish I Had Known Before Starting

In this session, Dave will reflect back on the journey from 0 to $10M ARR (or as Jason Lemkin has called it: the “unkillable” mark for a SaaS business). He will share the top five things he wished he had known then as a first-time marketing leader, including lessons on branding, content marketing, events, PR, advertising, hiring and more.

Built To Scale: The Critical Role Of Marketing In A Growth Company

Looking to scale revenue, get funding from a VC or private equity firm to grow your business or take your company public? Marketing plays a key role in making any of that happen. Noreen Allen will share tips from her experience at five different tech companies, which includes three IPOs, multiple fundraising rounds and several M&A events. She’ll walk you through how to turn your marketing organization into a growth driver.

Calling BS On ABM — It's Just Good Marketing

B2B buying has evolved. Buyers are in control of the information flow, pace and preferred channel of communication. They are often resistant to engage until they have completed their own research and product comparison. As marketers, we’re still fumbling around in the dark, relying on the same old bag of tricks for prospecting; forms, spam and cold calls.

Hypergrowth: Disruption, Focus & Leadership

Category disruption and category leadership are the keys to hyper-growth, but do you know the fastest path to success? This session will talk about what it really takes to win big — from defining the category, to building the brand, growing demand and ultimately becoming the leader.

Lessons From Stranger Things: How To Avoid The ABM Upside Down

In this session, Sandra Freeman will share what she’s learned in her journey from a high-volume demand generation marketer to an obsessed ABM collaborator and Stranger Things fan. Find out how to “open the gate” to scalable ABM programs, focus on insights that matter and develop a fearless collaboration engine that wins together!

The Rise Of The Growth Marketer

What does it take to achieve hyper-scale growth? To facilitate a buyer-led journey that takes them towards their desired destination and exceeds their expectations?

In this session, Evelyn Swaim will demonstrate how applying a growth mindset to marketing creates transformational results for the individual and the organization. Via a combination of proven techniques and personal reflections on establishing a growth marketing culture at one of Europe’s largest software vendors, Evelyn’s talk will help you confidently position marketing at the heart of the revenue engine.

The Discipline Of Revenue Marketing = The Freedom Of Creativity

Talk about a supply and demand problem: labor statistics indicate that the U.S. will face a shortage of 200,000 nurses by 2020, and Fastaff Travel Nursing is in the business of placing experienced nurses in urgent and crucial situations nationwide. In a hyper-competitive market, Fastaff relies on the creative freedom earned through disciplined digital tracking in the race for talent. In this session, Pasquale will detail the effort that has enabled her company to exceed acquisition goals and track ROI on every digital dollar spent, while filling critical gaps in quality patient care.

The New Rules Of Marketing Operations & Technology

Marketing technology and operations has been accepted as a critical function for executing successful marketing programs and delivering a remarkable customer experience. In this keynote, Scott Brinker will distill “the new rules of marketing operations and technology” embraced by best-in-class marketing teams for (1) centralization, (2) automation, (3) decentralization, (4) humanization, and (5) continuous change. These might sound paradoxical, but that’s where the magic of modern marketing operations happens — and how revenue is created in a digital world.

Better Than Human Experience

Technology today can create a better-than-human experience on many fronts. However, it can’t effectively replace the human in B2B sales. So, how do you create the right mix of digital and human through your buyer’s journey? When is the right time to move the engagement from digital to human and will you see the desired impacts of increasing sales velocity and lowering cost to acquire without damaging CX?

Join this session to hear how Apptio is leveraging the power of digital + human to create a better than human experience.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Accelerating Marketing Performance

Artificial intelligence, machine learning and bots are no longer the future. They are disrupting and transforming marketing in fundamental ways and leading to dramatic improvement in marketing performance in areas like target account identification, lead conversion, cost per lead and customer acquisition costs. If your marketing doesn’t include AI, you’re missing out on perhaps the most important technology of our generation.

How Carbon Black Increased MQL Volume By 2.5X And Improved SQL Conversions By 388%

Carbon Black knew they had valuable content, but engagement wasn’t what they had hoped for. Prospects typically engaged with a single asset before being sent to sales and, too often, wouldn’t re-engage. This led to unproductive sales calls and missed opportunities. They needed a way to more effectively nurture prospects by capitalizing on those fleeting moments of attention so sales could receive a more qualified, educated lead.

To fix this problem, Chris Mitchell and the Carbon Black marketing team built a brand-new nurture program from scratch. Using PathFactory Content Tracks, they now enable prospects with a wealth of relevant content. Rather than waiting for the next email to arrive in their inbox, prospects can binge on multiple assets on the back of every click; accelerating their own nurture. As a result, marketing sends sales a much more educated lead that results in better, more productive conversations and more conversions!

Join Chris’ session to learn how:

  • A buyer enablement focus led to a 2.5X increase in MQLs, to the point where the CRO asked if their scoring model was broken;
  • Carbon Black formulated its nurture program that greatly improved the company’s sales and marketing alignment; and
  • Chris and his team incorporated content consumption data into their lead scoring model leading to gain a 388% increase in MQL-to-SQL conversion.

Think Big, Act Bigger: The Rewards Of Being Relentless

Following the success of his primetime show, C-Suite With Jeffrey Hayzlett, companies and events always want to know what the secret behind the success of entrepreneurs and executives who can move mountains is. Business as usual, bad moods and mediocre expectations are indicators of a MUCH BIGGER problem!

Develop the right culture by knowing why you’re in the game. Understand the essence of your core values. Make sure everyone on your team knows them and, more importantly, believes in them. Learn to live your brand in everything you do. Every company ever created started as a story, an idea that inspired other people to join and believe in the cause and, over time, companies forget and lose that passion. Now more than ever, businesses need to know and own their purpose to survive, transform and win. Most companies fail to understand and protect their impact overtime. A majority of any given work force doesn’t fully know their company’s values and sense of purpose:

  • Only 27% of employees actually know their own company values
  • 51% of employees are disengaged in their current positions
  • Over half the workforce is currently able to contribute more to their operations!

Know your purpose and lead with your values. Own your hero factor!

Don’t Play Tennis With A Football — Aligning Your Demand Gen Method To Your GTM Strategy

Rapid revenue growth can be truly game-changing: uprooting entire industries, creating new categories and crowning new market leaders. If you make the wrong demand generation investments, you can waste a lot of time and money for little growth. The right investment for one company might be the exact wrong investment for another. Aligning your company strategy with your go-to-market plan tied to a demand gen program is key. Come learn when to use which demand gen tactics and how to diagnose if you are misaligned or well aligned.

Balancing Experimentation & Innovation With Brand Reputation

How New England Biolabs Uses Cutting Edge Experiences To Attract And Keep Loyal Customers

It has been stated that customer experience is the source of all competitive advantage. And yet, in today’s digital and everchanging world, continually developing best-in-class customer experiences is no small feat.

In this keynote presentation, the head of sales and marketing for a high growth supplier in the life sciences sector will explore how a company’s values play a role in the development of their customer experiences, and how this, and the brand that they embody, can result in long-term customer loyalty.

The presentation will include:
· Examples of how NEB is deploying AR and other innovative new mediums into conventional marketing methods,
· The role marketing technologies are playing to engage and better understand the needs of customers, and
· How NEB addresses the unique challenges created by the merging of B2B and B2C business models.

The CMO’s Mulligan

Mulligan, in a game, happens when a player gets a second chance to perform a certain move or action; usually due to lack of skill or better luck. A “Do-Over.”

It’s no secret that today’s B2B CMO struggles to affect revenue and growth – especially at the enterprise level. Over the last 4 years, the percentage of CMOs reporting any financial metric has remained constant at 35%. In parallel, 80% of CMOs report ever-mounting pressure from their boards and executives to deliver the goods. So, why the difference between performance and expectations, especially when marketers are drowning in enabling technologies?

During this key note, The Pedowitz Group’s Dr. Debbie Qaqish will share what she calls “The CMO’s Mulligan” or their second chance to get it right. Based on her in-depth consulting experience and both business and academic research, she will discuss the rise of the strategic operations function and its impact closing the CMO’s performance gap. Join us for data, models and stories that you might use to become a REAL Revenue Marketer.

How To Think Outside The Demand Generation Box And Win 95% Of The Deals

Attend this session to learn how to best leverage account-based marketing techniques to retain and expand into your existing customer base. Hear how one team at Thomson Reuters achieved a 95% win-rate by partnering with their sales team and structuring their ABM program for success at scale.

Revenue Operations: New Realities For Sales, Marketing & Operations Leaders

Marketing and selling in B2B is more complicated than it’s ever been. Buyers and customers are more informed, and they work in coordinated groups that expect a seamless and delightful customer experience throughout their journey. Stove-piped seller processes with awkward handoffs no longer work and misaligned competing priorities and incentives within seller organizations are no longer acceptable.

Join Forrester’s Marketing and Sales Operation experts Kerry Cunningham and Dana Therrien, as provide insights into these new realities and how they’ve accelerated the need for cross-organizational operations alignment — now widely known as “Revenue Operations.”

Flexing Your Funnel: How TimeTrade Built A Cross-Functional Revenue Team

This session will feature a shared view of the funnel from TimeTrade’s CMO Lauren Mead and CRO Tim Corkery, who will provide insights into how they collaborated to build an integrated funnel strategy. The presentation will address topics including:

  • Determining the right criteria for lead handoffs at key stages of the funnel;
  • Building a cross-functional team that includes BDRs, as well as marketing and sales stakeholders;
  • Applying data and market intelligence to expand coverage on key accounts, and
  • Balancing ABM approaches with broader acquisition programs.

How To Drive Sales Performance With A State-Of-The-Art Data & Tech Orchestration Strategy

If you feel overwhelmed (or underwhelmed!) by marketing tech, have non-actionable data slowing down your go-to-market efforts, or are trying to figure out how to meaningfully impact revenue as a marketer, then this session is for you.

Paul Green, Director of Marketing Technology at Extreme Networks, will detail how to get you unstuck and share Extreme Networks’ journey of creating a global, cross-functional initiative called “Project Orion” to orchestrate marketing and sales systems into a unified go-to-market engine.

Using state-of-the-art tools like Marketo to drive demand, enrich data, identify intent signals and more, the company built a customer data platform capable of driving true organizational alignment, boosting conversion rates and accelerating pipeline and revenue.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Optimize their martech stack around a unified central data platform;
  • Deliver small but frequent wins using an agile marketing mindset;
  • Develop an account intelligence framework that will inform their data collection; and
  • Partner with and gain respect from sales, channel, marketing, product and executive teams.

Changing The Game Plan: KPMG’s Journey From A Relationship Business To A Digital ABM Strategy

KPMG, LLP is one of the most recognized brands in professional services. Historically, the Firm has operated as a walk the halls, traditional audit, tax and consulting firm – business came from their relationships. But, as their customers became more digitally enabled and reliant, the Firm could no longer rely just on being in the right place at the right time. They had to move to a more digitally driven, data-centric and hyper-focused strategy – with Marketing being the largest enabler.
ABM is not new to the Firm, but given the advances in Martech and related methodologies, the Firm has taken significant steps towards its newly defined digital strategy, with Demand Activation at the center of it.
In this presentation, Marten van Pelt, Executive Director, Advisory Marketing Leader for KPMG, will share:

  • How KPMG has realigned its marketing focus;
  • How recent investment in new technologies has made significant strides in marketing ROI; and
  • he Firm’s plans for a future-ready marketing organization.

Balancing Experimentation & Innovation With Brand Reputation

How New England Biolabs Uses Cutting Edge Experiences To Attract And Keep Loyal Customers.

It has been stated that customer experience is the source of all competitive advantage. And yet, in today’s digital and everchanging world, continually developing best-in-class customer experiences is no small feat.

In this keynote presentation, the head of sales and marketing for a high growth supplier in the life sciences sector will explore how a company’s values play a role in the development of their customer experiences, and how this, and the brand that they embody, can result in long-term customer loyalty.The presentation will include:

  • Examples of how NEB is deploying AR and other innovative new mediums into conventional marketing methods,
  • The role marketing technologies are playing to engage and better understand the needs of customers, and
  • How NEB addresses the unique challenges created by the merging of B2B and B2C business models.

Maximum Visibility: Use Artificial Intelligence To Build Experiences That Persuade

B2B marketers and sales pros think they need large – scale data — but they really need insights that matter. Those are the insights that enable them to engage with prospects and customers with empathy, which is the distinguishing factor between one-size-fits-all experiences and ones tailored to a person. It may seem counter-intuitive that a machine can support the pursuit to be more empathetic, but AI can help firms forge empathy – driven connections with people—not titles, not targets, and not profiles. Techniques like natural language processing, machine learning, and speech analytics (to name just a few) can help marketers detect the signals of delight and frustration that customers express but that they can’t quite hear or understand without a boost from AI tech. This session will introduce those techniques and the escalated (not diminished) demands on human judgment. Attendees will learn:
  • Why AI is essential for insights and experience design;
  • Specific AI-driven techniques to gain insights to your customers;
  • Why AI should be governed with humanity and empathy; and
  • How to harmoniously merge AI tech with human expertise

Direct Mail 2020: How To Win Big With Direct Mail In The Digital Age

Direct mail has higher response rates (5.1%) than any other marketing channel, so why not
make the most of it in your marketing and sales strategies?

During this all-star panel, your marketing and sales peers will dive into tips and best practices for getting direct mail right. They will share their personal experiences, as well as dos and don’ts for executing effective and deal-closing direct mail strategies.

Topics covered will include:

  • Unique, creative ways B2B organizations are leveraging direct mail;
  • Insights from pros on common mistakes to avoid in launching and sending direct mail campaigns;
  • How to decide and deliver content your audience will remember; and
  • Effective tips for automating and measuring the process

Executive Discussions: Demand Gen, ABM & It’s Impact On Company Goals

As ABM grows into a more engrained practice within B2B companies, members of the executive team are starting to understand the value of pairing an account-based approach with contact acquisition and demand gen strategies to directly impact revenue. During this in-depth panel, we’ll learn what impact ABM is having within B2B organizations through the eyes of the C-suite. Specifically, we’ll discuss the importance of an account-based mentality for senior leadership and how it trickles down to the go-to-market initiatives formulated and executed by sales and marketing teams, especially demand generation initiatives.

Topics of discussion will include:

    • Real – world case studies highlighting how account – based initiatives are driving C – level goals;
    • The processes executive teams are witnessing their teams adopt to find a healthy balance between ABM and demand generation;
    • How the C – suite is fueling account – based conversations, both externally with target
      accounts and internally with sales and marketing heads;
    • How to appropriately report ABM effectiveness to your board and/or C-suite; and
    • Predictions on what trends will impact account-based strategies for businesses in 2020 and beyond.

Consumer Marketing Influencing B2B

In this session, Christine Nurnberger will discuss how consumer marketing influences B2B and how the expectations and buying behaviors in B2B have changed because of it. She will uncover what B2B marketing looks like in a world dominated by hyper-personalized consumer

How Icertis Built An ABM Program That Drove 13X ROI In Just 5 Months

If you want to close a specific list of accounts, you need more than traditional demand gen tactics to accelerate growth. That’s what the marketing team at enterprise management contract management software company Icertis concluded in the fall of 2018.

So, to drive more lucrative opportunities into their pipeline, Icertis decided to build their first account-based marketing (ABM) program. Within five months, the marketing team saw a 13X ROI based on newly-closed business.

Join Jennifer Toton, VP of Marketing at RollWorks as she speaks with Chris Ries, Senior Director of Demand Generation at Icertis. You’ll learn how his marketing team has implemented a successful ABM program by partnering closely with sales to influence a growing percentage of the company’s pipeline. The result: bigger deals and faster growth. You’ll also roll away ready to take the lead with these actionable next steps:

  • Building your target account list in close alignment with sales;
  • Driving awareness and engagement among target accounts by delivering highly-personalized digital ads;
  • Delivering customized messages and landing pages to prospects based on their sales stage; and
  • Measuring success and effectively communicating wins to leadership.


Chris Ries, Senior Director of Demand Generation, Icertis
As Senior Director Demand Generation, Chris leads a dedicated team of agile marketing professionals with the goal of increasing the Icertis brand footprint and extending the company’s leadership position in the $6 billion contract lifecycle management (CLM) market. Chris and his team are responsible for content development, online events, organic and paid search, digital advertising, email marketing, and ABM.

Prior to joining Icertis, Chris spent five years at Vertafore, a fintech cloud software company, moving from product marketing to content strategy and demand generation. Prior to Vertafore, Chris spent 12 years at Kodak, as a product manager in the commercial print workflow software team.

Chris holds a B.A. in history from Santa Clara University, and an M.B.A. from University of Phoenix.

Jennifer Toton, VP of Marketing, RollWorks
Jennifer joined AdRoll Group in December 2017 as Vice President of Marketing of RollWorks, AdRoll Group’s B2B division. She is responsible for brand building, demand generation, content marketing and social media. Her team’s mission is to empower B2B marketers to drive growth by making meaningful connections with the right people, wherever they are online. Prior to joining AdRoll Group, she owned strategy, GTM, customer positioning, messaging and buyer’s journey for Autodesk’s $500M ARR AutoCAD product line. Jennifer has significant expertise launching and growing cloud / SaaS and mobile offerings, and is experienced in building brands at startup through Fortune 500 companies and accelerating revenue in mature business lines. She has a BA in psychology from Stanford University and an MBA in marketing and finance from Northwestern University.

Megadeals – How Are Multi-Billion Dollar Deals Done And What Can The Rest Of Us Learn From It?

This session will spotlight research based on +100 Fortune 500 companies and +60 commercial teams having done multi-billion dollar deals. What do key initiatives, ecosystems, consensus, trojan horses and risk mitigation mean for larger B2B deals? How does marketing and sales work as #oneteam? How do you blend messaging via ABM, enterprise social selling and PR? What is bee swarming? How did Climeon grow from 3 MUSD to to 90 MUSD in two years? Christopher Engman will answer all these questions during his presentation.

Cvent's Event Marketing Program: Drinking Our Own Champagne

Each year, Cvent hosts 300+ events and attends 100+ trade shows around the globe. Cvent’s event program is designed to reach new audiences, engage customers, and drive the business — – from user conferences and to regional lunch and learns to the world’s; from the biggest trade shows to and expos.
This session, designed for marketers and event planners, will use Cvent’s own event program as a case study to explore how the right event program architecture can give you a competitive advantage. Brad Gillespie of Cvent plans to share a behind-the-scenes look at how he and his team:Objectives: 

  • Identify different events types, their respective roles in lead and pipeline generation, and ways to measure success;
  • Learn ways to scale event promotion across multiple events; and
  • Identify the steps to create an event program architecture that works for your organization.

How To Use Automation To Massively Scale Connected-Home Revenue And Partner Enablement

The Internet of Things (IoT) has made the Connected Home a reality. Yet, the process of marketing, selling and supporting a household full of smart devices is an extraordinarily intricate challenge when you consider the dizzying array of devices and systems required to integrate everything.

Join OneVision Resources’ Director of Marketing Andy Falwell and’s Senior Director of Demand Gen Sarah Nelson to learn how OneVision uses software-level API integrations and sophisticated automation to drive more revenue pipeline by enabling and supporting Smart Home integrators as they work to solve these problems.

Learn how OneVision Resources uses automation to not only ensure the seamless integration of devices in the Connected Home, but also paves the way to scale revenue growth by automating time-consuming key revenue processes, such as vendor and customer onboarding, as well as maintenance deployment schedules.

This session will cover:

  • How to connect important business software to seamlessly flow data for order fulfilment, payment processing and vendor deployment;
  • How to incrementally drive and scale process improvements in a multi-vendor environment to continuously improve vendor enablement; and
  • How to connect and automate a variety of operational and revenue systems to scale operations for a company with both consumer and B2B/partner channels.

TAM, ICP, Target lists and the Struggles of Sales & Marketing Alignment

Targeting accounts is the foundation of ABM. But, wow, can it be a challenge. Who owns it? How do you delineate your broader set of target accounts from micro-segments for fast-hitting campaigns? How do you scale to feed all the sales channels, while still being nimble and responsive to the market? Come listen to how heads of sales and marketing are tackling these challenges — not just for ABM initiatives, but for all of their demand generation efforts. We will cover how we look at this at Terminus and how our thinking has evolved over time. And we will also weave in success stories we’ve seen from working with our 500+ ABM clients.

The ABM Game Show!

ABM mastery requires solving hard puzzles with incomplete, often confusing information. When the stakes are high and the pressure is on, only the best rise to the top. Which team will solve the most puzzles and bask in the admiration of the frenzied crowd? Will it be the women or the men? Don’t miss the greatest game show in the history of the (ABM) world.

Make it Rain: The Evolution Of Measuring Marketing’s Success

Join Daniel Englebretson, Head of Account-Based Marketing at Phononic, as he breaks down his journey from Lead Generation, to Demand Generation, to Integrated Marketing, to Account-Based Marketing. Plus, learn why as a 5x veteran of B2B marketing installation, he believes marketing metrics are on the move. 

Beyond ABM: A Metrics-Driven Overview Of ‘People-Based Marketing’

Learn how to hyper-personalize and accelerate your consumer journey while simplifying sales and marketing alignment through cohesive, data-driven tactics.

Ari Capogeannis, Director of Growth Marketing & Analytics at Sage Intacct, will discuss how to leverage intent and buying stage predictions to bridge the gap between ABM and People-Based Marketing (PBM) for pipeline acceleration.

Panel: How To Do ABM At The Enterprise Level And Scale

Getting an account-based marketing program up can running can be challenging for any organization. Add the complexity of an enterprise deal, along with the longevity of the sales cycle, and things can be quite daunting.

These ABM enterprise veterans will share real examples on how they have grown and scaled account-based marketing within their organizations and provide best practices and lessons learned to help you with your ABM strategy.

Bringing Back The Human To Sales & Building A Buyer-Focused Sales Process

In this session, Jake Dunlap will discuss the emerging trend of shifting your sales process to a more buyer-focused model. In addition, you’ll learn why sales and marketing alignment from a KPI standpoint is crucial to scaling your business.

Lessons From A 10-Year-Old Salesman: A Tale Of Hope And The Legacy Of Curtis Dupree

In this seassion, learn about Dale’s upbringing in small business and how it molded his outlook as a sales and marketing professional along with his entrepreneurial spirit. He will incorporate the message of “purposeful prospecting” into the overall outlook of the talk, by discussing how to bring hope back to sales and infuse creativity and wonder into your sales walk. Dale will also tell the story of his father — the entire story … all the way to his passing.

Here To There: Getting Products To Market Through Indirect Channels

Great ideas, innovative products and essential services aren’t enough to achieve success. Even in the digital world of one-day product deliveries and on-demand services, businesses need indirect channels and partners to cover the total addressable markets, scale sales and account coverage, and ensure superior customer experience. Indirect routes to market are changing as new business models, market needs and customer expectations evolve. Partners aren’t just resellers, but also developers, logistics specialists, integrators, influencers, service providers and – in some cases – customers.

In this special workshop, The 2112 Group’s Larry Walsh — an expert in indirect route-to-market strategies — will lead a discussion on the necessity of channels in go-to-market strategies and how to get high returns from your channel partners.

Topics include:

  • How partners increase sales and lower costs;
  • The balance of the channel cost-revenue benefit;
  • Incorporating the partner’s journey in the customer journey;
  • How companies of different industries find success with channel partners; and
  • Identifying the right routes to market for your company.

Beyond Leads: How AppNeta is Using Intent Data to Re-Envision Demand Generation and Successfully Fuel Pipeline

In this presentation, AppNeta, a Gartner Visionary in Network Performance Monitoring & Diagnostics and one of Inc. Magazine’s 5000 Fastest Growing Companies for five years running, shares how they have re-envisioned demand generation, driven by real purchase intent insight and account-based principles.

This in-depth session will outline AppNeta’s vision for demand gen transformation, including how they:

  • Leverage intent data to evolve messaging and content;
  • Feed highly intelligent nurturing streams and ultimately drive significant pipeline from their target accounts;
  • Understand specifically how they have aligned their resources, staff and stack to optimize performance and sustain remarkable growth.

Live Intent & ABM User Experience: How Sage Intacct Increased Lead Conversions by 57% While Increasing Lead Quality by 55% & Reducing Overall CPL

In this session, Ari Capogeannis, Director of Growth Marketing & Analytics for Sage Intacct, will demonstrate the company’s “Stairway to Revenue” journey to achieving an astounding 33x ROI today.

Attend this session to experience and learn how to accelerate pipeline with intent and personalization, including how to:

  • Increase top-of-funnel conversions;
  • Increase bottom-of-funnel conversions;
  • Increase mobile conversions;
  • Convert from un-gated content;
  • Convert without traditional forms.

How Thomson Reuters Transformed Their Marketing Department Into A Revenue Growth Machine With Enterprise-Class ABM

Marketing functions face increasing pressure to provide, justify and optimize their marketing investments and be revenue accountable. In today’s data-driven world, enterprise-class ABM not only grows an organization’s overall top line, but provides control of data, visibility into target markets and scalable delivery of high impact engagement strategies.

This session will demonstrate how MRP helped Thomson Reuters drive revenue growth by cleansing and reengaging with stale accounts and accelerating sales cycle velocity. Attendees will learn:

  • How to determine the best way to reengage “dead” accounts;
  • How to deploy ABM to accelerate your pipeline velocity;
  • Why an enterprise-class predictive ABM platform is the ultimate revenue growth driver; and
  • Internal strategies to create sales alignment.

7 Tips For A Friction-Free Funnel: How PathFactory Uses PathFactory To Enable Buyers

Improve conversion rates and move prospects down the funnel faster.” That’s always the goal, but it’s easier said than done. Tweaking a subject line here and a landing page there doesn’t cut it when the modern Netflix-watching B2B buyer behaves more and more like a consumer every day. They expect personalized, frictionless experiences like they get in their B2C lives. In this Lab, see how PathFactory enables their own buyers with the help of its own solution. Learn how to remove barriers and reduce friction throughout your buyer’s path to purchase, as well as explore the tactics and tools marketers use to better enable buyers to self-educate at every stage of their journey.

How To Drive Content-Centric Lead Gen With Buyer Engagement Insights

Join NetLine’s David Fortino as he explores top buyer engagement insights to improve your marketing strategy. David will share how B2B marketers can unleash the power of NetLine’s 2019 State of B2B Content Consumption and Demand Report; this unparalleled data analyzes over 4 million content downloads generated by B2B buyers. Learn how to gain a competitive edge by leveraging deep buyer insights for successful content-centric lead gen.

Lessons From The Accounting Office: How The SALT Group Doubled Its Sales Performance & Hit Aggressive Goals

Hitting revenue goals can be hard enough as it is. So, when Carrie Griffin, VP Business Development with The SALT Group, was tasked with doubling sales operations performance, her immediate reaction was, “Where do I start?”

In this case study, Griffin and VanillaSoft’s CMO Darryl Praill will review the operational changes implemented across each aspect of the sales and marketing organization to reach these goals. They will also share the challenges and outcomes that resulted from them, including:

  • How inside sales teams are on the front lines of driving company growth, and why sales engagement is key to enabling these teams to work efficiently and effectively;
  • How advanced sales engagement capabilities such as geolocation routing help sales reps make the most efficient use of their time;
  • How they worked with marketing to make sure messaging was effective and consistent at each stage of engagement;
  • Why implementing a proper sales cadence is crucial to the sales process; and
  • The importance of reporting tools and engines within sales engagement, and how they can help inside sales teams continually improve processes and become more effective.

Reimagining The Modern Webinar: How To Use Webinars To Personalize, Engage & Convert

Modern webinars are being transformed from boring audio PowerPoint presentations into targeted programming that engages audiences in a personalized and relevant way. In this session, Mark Bornstein, VP of Content Marketing at ON24, will show you how to use webinars to create experiences that drive personalization and revenue, including:

  • How to build engaging audience experiences;
  • Strategies to segment, target and engage prospective buyers;
  • How to use webinars to drive ABM success; and
  • How to turn webinar engagement into actionable data.

The best marketing is targeted, personalized and engaging. This is your chance to learn how to put it all together.

ABM Is B2B: Why B2B Marketing And Sales Is Broken And How To Fix It

There are nearly endless marketing strategies to pursue, but it can feel nearly impossible sometimes to know if you’re on the right track or should consider another approach. After all, even if your marketing is yielding good results, what if they could be even greater?
There’s perhaps no one more passionate and knowledgeable about marketing transformation than Terminus Co-Founder & Chief Evangelist Sangram Vajre. And in this session, Sangram will help attendees understand exactly what it takes to succeed with marketing today — and why B2B marketing and sales is broken and how to fix it.

Specifically, he will cover:

  • An in-depth look at different marketing strategies, including the traditional marketing funnel, account-based marketing’s flipped funnel and more; 

  • 4 best practices businesses must embrace in order to get the most from their marketing efforts;
  • How following a TEAM framework can elevate the results you’re getting, and the new organizational structure that’s needed to support an optimized marketing strategy; and
  • Multiple use cases of handpicked marketing practitioners. Attendees will see the curtain pulled back and understand the exact steps these individuals have taken to experience wild marketing success.

Power Your Revenue Engine: How BigCommerce Uses Data To Fuel Action

Everyone needs clean data to make smart decisions, but BigCommerce has gone beyond that. Data is the jet fuel that powers the company’s demand engine. With every new initiative, they first ask the question, “How can we use data and automation to make this efficient, scalable and repeatable?”

In this presentation, Ali Rastiello, Director of Marketing Operations and Technology for BigCommerce, will share how she and her team have embraced data orchestration platforms to clean their data and automate processes to more effectively target both B2B and B2C companies.

Key takeaways:

  • How Marketing Ops is staking its claim as the data stewards for the company and why that’s important; 
  • Standard Clean: The absolute must-haves at lead capture to ensure your data is tee’d up for action; and
  • Going Beyond Table Stakes: Using data orchestration to power segmentation, ABM and compliance. 

Modern Approaches To Operations & Martech

This panel will feature perspectives and insights from top marketing practitioners, who will share how they are rethinking their operations strategies to centralize their approach to technology, data and reporting. Some of the topics to be covered during the panel will include:

  • The emerging role of RevOps;
  • Changing expectations and approaches to martech investments;
  • New metrics and models to improve alignment between sales and marketing operations; and
  • How marketing teams are balancing innovation with the need for tighter integration and utilization.

The Must-Have Blueprint For Sales Activation

If there was one golden rule for any revenue team to follow it would be this: silos don’t work. They lead to inefficiencies, broken systems and problems at every level. It’s time to break down the barriers and align as one revenue team to focus on the right accounts. In this session, Sandra Freeman, Head of Strategic Marketing at Engagio, will discuss strategies and tactics to:

  • Get buy-in from the entire revenue team;
  • Work with sales to drive action today;
  • Use technology to streamline manual activities; and
  • Real-world examples and results.

The Future Of Sales & Marketing Is Radically Transparent – Are You Ready?

The future of sales and marketing is radically transparent … are you ready? While embracing transparency and leading with our flaws may feel like the right thing to do, brain science coupled with the proliferation of reviews and feedback on everything we do, buy and experience means it’s now a requirement. Todd will get us ready.

Remix Your Ad Strategy

Do you get excited over 0.5% clickthrough rates on your digital ad strategy? Do you think you should be excited about that? Justin Keller from Sigstr doesn’t think you should. Come join him for this quick Lunch and Learn to get you to rethink how you’re running your ad channels and remix your strategy to make it rock. Attendees will:

  • Get the scoop on the current state of ad performance across every channel (and what to do about it);
  • Learn how to effectively communicate ad performance to your CMO; and
  • Walk away with ideas for executing an omnichannel advertising approach throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

How To Pair ABM & Intent Data To Drive Pipeline Growth

As a B2B marketer, you’re looking to move the needle on pipeline and revenue. You want to craft compelling campaigns, but how do you reach target accounts at the right time with the right messaging? By pairing ABM and intent data to influence buyers early and address pain points throughout the purchase journey. With more visibility into real-time buyer interests and behaviors, both marketing and sales teams will be better equipped to engage key stakeholders and win over target accounts.

Attendees will learn:

  • The why and what of intent data;
  • How to combine intent data with ABM; and
  • How to leverage both ABM and intent data to grow pipeline and make a real impact on revenue.

Why Your Website Isn't Converting & What You Can Do About It

Marketing, specifically demand generation, is broken. As marketers, we’ll spend a total of $5.2 billion dollars this year to drive traffic to our websites, only to have just 2% to 3% of traffic actually convert. Our processes and our systems are broken. We’re so busy filling up MQLs that we forget there are actual people on the other side.

Join this session to learn how implementing conversational marketing made an impact at Turbonomic from their leader of demand generation.

How To Create A True Allbound Machine — Blending Inbound & Outbound Together

Sales and Marketing need to work TOGETHER for ultimate success. Learn how PatientPop, a practice growth platform for healthcare providers, creates a true lead generation and revenue machine by weaving inbound and outbound methods together. 

Join VP of Marketing Jared Jost and VP of Inside Sales Kevin Dorsey to learn how they work together to tackle direct mail, retargeting, white papers, click campaigns — you name it. 

How to Activate The Account-Based Revenue Team With 1000+ ABM campaigns

Stop by and learn from Hermi Ruiz, ABM Manager at Snowflake, the leading Cloud Data Warehouse SaaS company, about the importance of activating the Revenue Team to own GTM messaging for their most important accounts. Also, learn how the Snowflake ABM team is running and maintaining over 2,000 personalized content experiences.

The Well-Rounded Marketer: Blending The Disciplines Of Brand And Demand

In the day-to-day business of manufacturing demand, it can be easy to lose sight of the softer side of marketing. But brand and demand are inexplicably intertwined and the more you embrace brand, the stronger your demand results will be.
As a career revenue marketer, brand hasn’t always come easily but in cultivating the right side of my brain, I have generated better left-brain results. Hear how I trained myself to put brand first in the service of demand.

Executive-Level Perspectives On Driving Revenue Growth & Addressing Expanding Customer Expectations

This dynamic panel will close the day with perspectives from executives representing different roles in the business, as well as different industries and stages of growth. The executives will share specifics into their company’s strategies, results and future priorities for initiatives such as ABM and sales and marketing alignment.

Some of the specific topics will include:

  • Strategies to be more targeted and relevant to distinct audiences;
  • New tools and insights marketing and sales teams are using to better understand and engage current and future customers;
  • Shifts in go-to-market strategies for campaigns and messaging; and
  • New approaches to improving alignment across sales and marketing teams.

You Talking To Me? How Winning B2B Brands Are Crafting Powerful And Personalized Conversations For Both Acquisition And Retention Strategies

This keynote with author Tim Riesterer will share research, best practices and use case examples of how companies are crafting relevant and customized messages for both sales and marketing that align with core goals of acquiring new customers and expanding business with current clients.

The session will explore the hot-topic areas impacting the entire revenue team, including:

  • Why brands need separate and distinct messaging strategies to support goals for demand gen and acquisition vs. cross-sell, upsell and retention;
  • Which type of B2B personalization gets results; and
  • How sales and marketing leaders are executing account-based programs by creating value-based conversations with decision makers.

How To Fuel Your ABM Strategy With Inbound

Marketers who embrace the inbound methodology and apply it to their ABM strategy see stronger engagement among their targeted accounts. And sales teams who leverage inbound selling techniques are better enabled to meet the needs of the humans they interact with throughout the sales process — aka, the Buyer’s Journey.

Still not a believer? In this hyper-tactical session, you’ll walk away with the tools you need to fuel your ABM strategy with inbound. We’ll also cover simple ways to immediately begin implementing an ABM strategy if your marketing organization is largely inbound-based.

The Future Of Work Is Now: What Is AI’s Impact On Marketing?

Artificial Intelligence (AI), the fourth industrial revolution, is upon us and 84% of companies know that they need to invest in AI technologies and solutions to have a competitive advantage. Are marketing leaders truly ready for the impact that AI will have on their business, their organization and their workforce? Will an augmented workforce — the future of people and AI-powered solutions like Intelligent Assistants working harmoniously together — become our new reality?

Join this session to learn how organizations are utilizing AI-powered Intelligent Assistants to help marketing and sales teams identify more qualified leads earlier and faster in the cycle to drive top-line growth.