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How To Build A Demand Gen Program From The Ground Up

Co-host Kelly Lindenau of the B2BMX Podcast is here with Hunters’ Sarah Breathnach to discuss the latest demand gen trends and share a preview of her session at the upcoming B2B Sales & Marketing Exchange event in Boston. Her session, titled: “Hiring A Marketing Team To Do Lead Gen Is A Huge Mistake. Here’s Why…” […]

Are Leads Actually Dead? The #B2BMX Podcast Investigates

To MQL, or not to MQL — that’s the question plaguing the industry as marketers are faced with varying reports concerning the future of leads. While some organizations claim the lead is dead, other folks aren’t so sure. Host Kelly Lindenau sat down with Jon Russo, B2BFusion’s Founder and CMO, to discuss his take on […]

An Inside Look Into The Convergence Of ABM & Demand Gen

For several years, Forrester has forecasted that demand gen and ABM would ultimately intersect as demand marketers improve the precision of their efforts and ABM marketers seek to deliver personalized experiences to more contacts in high-value accounts. With Forrester research showing that this convergence is accelerating, Host Klaudia Tirico takes listeners back to Forrester’s B2BMX […]

2021 B2B Innovator Awards: Help Us Find The Brightest Minds In B2B

Demand Gen Report (DGR) is now accepting nominations for the fifth annual B2B Innovator Awards, which recognizes some of the most progressive marketing and sales practitioners who are creatively and effectively engaging prospective customers and meeting buyers’ needs. To be considered for an award, B2B marketing and sales practitioners are invited to nominate themselves of […]