B2B Sales & Marketing Exchange

The Story Behind #B2BSMX’s Pivot To Digital

If you told us in February our second annual B2B Sales & Marketing Exchange would be 100% virtualwe’d probably do a spit take. To say the least, this year has been unpredictable, so when we realized an in-person #B2BSMX wouldn’t be possible, it was all hands on deck. 

As many of you know, converting to digital is not a copy-and-paste scenario. It’s up to the content, marketing and customer success teams to collaborate and design an experience that’s true to what makes the event great, while also embracing the best of digital. 

“We don’t need to necessarily settle, we can embrace the strength and benefits that exist only in a digital environment,” said Sheri Butts, Director of Demand Generation and Growth Marketing, Demand Gen Report.

Sheri is one of the AWESOME #B2BSMX team members behind our switch to virtual this year, and there’s really no one better to join hosts Alicia Esposito and Klaudia Tirico to discuss the journey in reimagining the event…struggles and all.  

Tune in to this week’s B2BMX Podcast episode as they discuss:  

  • How they used editorial discussions and coverage to guide event decision-making; 
  • The need to emphasize real-life use cases, successes and failures; 
  • Why finding speakers with the right expertise is more important than paying for big names; and 
  • How to capitalize on digital tools to augment networking and community-driven programming. 

#B2BSMX kicks off next week, so be sure to get registered now! Group discounts are available for teams of 3 or more, so assemble your squad and save big

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