Get Inspired By 20+ Revenue “a-ha” Moments

Hear personal, authentic stories from professionals like you who were able to make a revenue impact. No product pitches. No boring PowerPoints.

Get inspired and accelerate your path to revenue accountability by hearing the stories of 20+ professionals like you who were able to impact revenue across their careers. Learn from their discoveries, lessons learned and “a-ha” moments to help you master the challenges of revenue accountability.

What is RevTalks™?

Personal. Concise. Authentic. REVTalks is a conference dedicated to sharing the stories of professionals who were able to make a revenue impact. You’ll hear from 20+ speakers, each in an 15-minute “TEDTalks” format about how they accomplished revenue impact and the “a-ha” moments that sparked their change. No product pitches. No boring PowerPoints.

This year, our speakers are focusing on three major trends we are seeing in the B2B World:

REVTalks presents straight to the point storytelling that shares ideas worth spreading. Our speakers are passionate about their topics and passionate about sharing their journey to revenue impact with their audiences. We look forward to seeing you at this unique conference.

Featured Speakers

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The Future Of Work Is Now: What Is AI’s Impact On Marketing?

Artificial Intelligence (AI), the fourth industrial revolution, is upon us and 84% of companies know that they need to invest in AI technologies and solutions to have a competitive advantage. Are marketing leaders truly ready for the impact that AI will have on their business, their organization and their workforce? Will an augmented workforce — the future of people and AI-powered solutions like Intelligent Assistants working harmoniously together — become our new reality?

Join this session to learn how organizations are utilizing AI-powered Intelligent Assistants to help marketing and sales teams identify more qualified leads earlier and faster in the cycle to drive top-line growth.

How To Fuel Your ABM Strategy With Inbound

Marketers who embrace the inbound methodology and apply it to their ABM strategy see stronger engagement among their targeted accounts. And sales teams who leverage inbound selling techniques are better enabled to meet the needs of the humans they interact with throughout the sales process — aka, the Buyer’s Journey.

Still not a believer? In this hyper-tactical session, you’ll walk away with the tools you need to fuel your ABM strategy with inbound. We’ll also cover simple ways to immediately begin implementing an ABM strategy if your marketing organization is largely inbound-based.