B2B Sales & Marketing Exchange

How To Sell More To More People Through Culture

Our world is incredibly diverse and rich with culture. Only marketing and sales professionals who understand how to sell through cultural relevance will reach their fullest potential in today’s culturally complex marketplace. During this session, Ricardo Gonzalez, Author, and Founder and CEO of Bilingual America, will break down how cultural relevance speaks to people’s tendency […]

5 Roadblocks That Wreck ABM Programs

More than half (52%) of ABM programs fail in the first year. Yet, 92% of marketers believe ABM is essential for success. Join Daniel Englebretson, Co-Founder of Khronos, a global ABM consultancy, and explore the five most common roadblocks that wreak havoc on ABM programs. Break down the biggest problems that ABM practitioners face, and […]

ABM 360 — The Way ABM Should Be Done To Drive Business Outcomes

ABM is dynamic, and that means it’s cross functional, applicable to any revenue stage and extends along the entire revenue cycle. Whether you’re just getting started with ABM or are a seasoned pro, check out this panel, as three experts share their perspective, journeys and learning.

Triangulating Intent Data: How You Use Multiple Sources To Make It Actionable

B2B marketers have access to a wealth of data, but they have trouble turning this data into tangible value for their business. During this session, James Gilbert, Head of Marketing at CRMNEXT, will uncover specific playbooks that will help you leverage intent data to add value to your current ABM practices. Join James to learn: […]

Account-Based Revenue Strategies, Big & Small

What do the account-based revenue strategies at high-performing SMBs and enterprises have in common? More than you might think. In this panel discussion led by Craig Rosenberg of TOPO, we’ll compare and contrast how companies across the spectrum of available resources build and execute their target account strategies. Join Muhammad Yasin, EVP of Marketing at […]