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The New Plan A: How To Regain Clarity, Get Proactive & Do Exceptional Work Again

Our world as marketing and sales leaders has always been overflowing with ideas and answers, available instantly, everywhere, from everyone. Yes, the dark side of the Information Age seems to be advice overload. But now? Impossibly, that feels kicked into high gear. Everyone has their own “recovery” concepts for you, your team and your brand. […]

Best In B2B Awards

Join us for a live awards ceremony where we will be honoring this year’s Best In B2B winners! The Best In B2B Ceremony includes three award programs that bring together the brightest brands and execs in ABM, revenue marketing, and buyer engagement: Demand Gen Report’s B2B Innovator Awards; Terminus’s ABMies; and The Pedowtiz Group’s REVMasters. […]

When Mindfulness Meets Business: Exercises For Modern Sales & Marketing Professional

People are craving selfless, kind and reliable interactions more than ever before. This is the new landscape of business in which we all need human, empathetic connection. And the way we make each other feel will have a profound impact on our businesses moving forward. Mindfulness is the gateway to creating awareness and intentionality, and […]

Disrupting The B2B Journey: How Aligned Revenue Teams Are Rethinking Key Buyer Interactions

Achieving sustainable revenue growth in B2B has become harder. Digital disruption has fundamentally changed the buyer-seller relationship. Modern buyers are digitally driven, socially connected and empowered with nearly unlimited access to information. To remain competitive and relevant during these transformative times, organizations must provide a frictionless buying experience that helps buyers clarify their business challenges, […]

The New Revenue Conversations In The C-Suite

How sales and marketing leaders are partnering to drive go-to-market transformation and align on common objectives and measurement 2020 has drastically accelerated the evolution already underway across modern sales and marketing teams. Adapting to (and leading) this change requires senior revenue leaders to agree on new strategies, new metrics and new working patterns. Now focused on […]