How To Create The Ultimate Brand Experience

Welcome to the Season 6 finale episode of the B2BMX Podcast! Co-host Klaudia Tirico is coming to you live from last week’s B2B Sales and Marketing Exchange show floor in Boston alongside FullSurge’s Mitch Duckler. The pair discuss Duckler’s new book titled, “The Indispensable Brand: Move from Invisible to Invaluable,” and the significance of constructing […]

Why Hybrid Is The Future Of B2B Sales

While Co-hosts Klaudia Tirico and Kelly Lindenau enjoy their last day at the B2BSMX event in Boston, let’s reminisce about B2BMX: Next-Level ABM. McKinsey & Company’s Julia McClatchy is the star of the show this week as she takes a deep dive into all things hybrid selling. During this episode of the B2BMX Podcast, McClatchy […]

How To Build A Demand Gen Program From The Ground Up

Co-host Kelly Lindenau of the B2BMX Podcast is here with Hunters’ Sarah Breathnach to discuss the latest demand gen trends and share a preview of her session at the upcoming B2B Sales & Marketing Exchange event in Boston. Her session, titled: “Hiring A Marketing Team To Do Lead Gen Is A Huge Mistake. Here’s Why…” […]

What Are The 3 Driving Pillars For ABM Success?

Co-hosts Klaudia Tirico and Kelly Lindenau play back a noteworthy tape from #B2BMX: Next-Level ABM starring Rob Griffin and Thad Kahlow! The pair from Business Online discuss the three pillars that are essential for driving advanced ABM: Expertise, empathy and bold action. They explained how marketers tend to get lost in the complexities of ABM and data, […]

Are MQLs & MQAs Dead Or Alive?

Co-hosts Klaudia Tirico and Kelly Lindenau are back with a brand-new episode of the B2BMX Podcast with a keynote session all the way from our Next-Level ABM event in June. Forrester’s Terry Flaherty discusses some major insights into the process, systems and cultural issues with both MQLs and MQAs. The ongoing debate between MQLs and […]

How To Foster Collaboration Across Generations

The fish stinks from the head… If you have leaders in an organization who aren’t facilitating and encouraging team collaboration, intergenerational collaboration and inter-functional collaboration, then your organization is lacking. Today’s episode of the #B2BMX Podcast features host Kelly Lindenau and Nancy A Shenker, CEO & Founder of theONswitch, as the pair provide a sneak […]

The Key To DEI Is Within The Policies & Programs Of Your Organization

Creating an environment where everyone feels included and is given the opportunity to contribute and participate is the very definition of DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion). In this episode, co-hosts Klaudia Tirico and Kelly Lindenau introduce Natalie Gullatt, who spoke about diversity and inclusion during her session at #B2BMX back in February. Gullatt discussed the future […]

5 ABM Lessons Marketers Can Learn From ‘Ted Lasso’

Hopefully, B2BMX Podcast fans are familiar with the show “Ted Lasso” because co-hosts Klaudia Tirico and Kelly Lindenau don’t want you to miss out on this iconic pop-cultural reference! We are back with a replay from the B2B Marketing Exchange in Scottsdale, where Juliet Randall of Salesforce covers everything from strategizing and engaging with customers […]

Are Leads Actually Dead? The #B2BMX Podcast Investigates

To MQL, or not to MQL — that’s the question plaguing the industry as marketers are faced with varying reports concerning the future of leads. While some organizations claim the lead is dead, other folks aren’t so sure. Host Kelly Lindenau sat down with Jon Russo, B2BFusion’s Founder and CMO, to discuss his take on […]

An Inside Look Into The Convergence Of ABM & Demand Gen

For several years, Forrester has forecasted that demand gen and ABM would ultimately intersect as demand marketers improve the precision of their efforts and ABM marketers seek to deliver personalized experiences to more contacts in high-value accounts. With Forrester research showing that this convergence is accelerating, Host Klaudia Tirico takes listeners back to Forrester’s B2BMX […]

Get A First-Look At #B2BSMX With Gartner’s Craig Rosenberg

The Countdown Is On! Days Hours Minutes Seconds We’re just days away from the B2B Sales & Marketing Exchange, our first in-person event since the pandemic, so B2BMX Podcast Host Klaudia Tirico sat down with Craig Rosenberg, Distinguished VP & Analyst at Gartner, to dive into all elements of the event.  Their excitement is contagious […]

Microsoft’s Danny Nail Shares The Recipe For Successful ABM Programs

As a leading ABM practitioner for the past seven years, Danny Nail has tested and re-tested a variety of different plays to scale ABM programs at companies such as SAP and Microsoft. One key point he learned is that true ABM is 1:1 or 1:few, while 1:many is simply just good, targeted marketing.  During his keynote address at […]

Sangram Vajre: “Being Intentional Is More Important Than Being Brilliant”

There are always a variety of questions running through marketers’ minds, such as who to market to, the tools needed to operate effectively, when to scale business and which areas have the most potential for growth. While these answers will change as the market changes, those four questions will always remain the same and enable you to focus on the […]

How To Foster An Environment That Empowers & Retains Diverse Talent

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) have become a critical discussion point for business leaders across B2B organizations. Despite their positive intent, however, many approaches and systems end up falling into the same traps. What are the keys to creating tangible, positive action within your organization?   In this session replay from our B2B Marketing Exchange: Next-Level ABM event, […]

ResellerRatings’ Christina Kay On Making A RevOps Nerd’s Dreams Come True

A cohesive tech stack is a critical part of any growing business, yet many B2B tech companies lack a true understanding of what revenue operations (RevOps) should entail.  At the upcoming B2B Sales & Marketing Exchange (#B2BSMX), Christina Kay, VP, Marketing at ResellerRatings, will cover who should own the RevOps process, how to spot the gaps in your tech stack and the best methods of leveraging your stack for […]

How To Turn Your Best Customers Into Your Best Marketers

One of the positive outcomes of 2020 was that companies pivoted their focus to their existing clients. After all, without clients there is no business.   Want to take some pressure off your sales and marketing teams and let your best customers become your best marketers? In this fun and engaging keynote replay from #B2BMX, customer experience coach and former B2B/B2C […]

How Companies Are Re-Thinking The Career Path For SDRs

Once viewed simply as “outbound callers,” SDRs are increasingly playing more strategic roles for B2B revenue teams. Given their active role on the front lines of interacting with target buyers, many progressive organizations are positioning SDRs as a key bridge between sales, marketing and customer success.    During this B2B Marketing Exchange session replay episode of the B2BMX […]

The Story Behind SurveyMonkey’s Rebrand To Momentive

Another week; another episode of the B2BMX Podcast is here! This time, we sat down with Leela Srinivasan, CMO of Momentive, to get a behind-the-scenes look at the company’s rebrand from SurveyMonkey to Momentive and the role of the CMO during the process.   SurveyMonkey — a company that has been synonymous with market research and survey software — rebranded to Momentive and now defines itself as an […]

2021 B2B Innovator Awards: Help Us Find The Brightest Minds In B2B

Demand Gen Report (DGR) is now accepting nominations for the fifth annual B2B Innovator Awards, which recognizes some of the most progressive marketing and sales practitioners who are creatively and effectively engaging prospective customers and meeting buyers’ needs. To be considered for an award, B2B marketing and sales practitioners are invited to nominate themselves of […]

Forrester’s Jay Pattisall Discusses New Report On Intelligent Creativity

According to a new report from Forrester, combining human intuition and machine accuracy produces a more intelligent and transformative creative process for CMOs and agency executives. This allows organizations to move away from the status quo and escape the intuition-governed approach that can often lead to missed opportunities. In this episode of the B2BMX Podcast, […]